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TGS 2013: Monster Hunter Frontier G Explores Vita in 2014

Posted by Sammy Barker

Animal tragic

It’s not necessarily the Monster Hunter game that the PlayStation Vita needs to reignite its commercial fortunes, but it’s better than nothing: Capcom has confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show that Monster Hunter Frontier G is stomping onto the hard up handheld next year. The subscription-based MMO was announced for the PlayStation 3 a few months back, and is due out on 20th November in Japan. According to IGN, the console release will be able to interact with its portable counterpart, allowing you to take your progress on-the-go.

The title first released in 2007 on the PC, so this isn’t exactly enormous news for the Vita. Still, with the port right around the corner, hopefully it opens a gateway for more Monster Hunter titles in the future. After all, judging by this week’s Media Create results, the console needs Capcom’s animal culling series more than a chain smoker needs cigarettes.


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8vpiper said:

It wont help or bring the mainline titles to Vita, it's just to tick the list to say here we tried it did not work. Rather just release a statement that states F you Vita owners and we can all move on with our lives Just like I finally buried TLG in my mind (was a moving ceremony crying was involved lol)



MadchesterManc said:

@8vpiper I dont understand the fixation on Monster Hunter. I played it on the Wii n it was terrible. I guess it must just be brand power. Isn't Soul Sacrifice supposed to be similar and a very good game? This announcement is Capcom not even trying. Theres nothing stopping them doing a port of MH4, unless they've signed some kind of exclusivity deal with Nintendo. Porting an MMO from 2007 is an insult



8vpiper said:


It's not a very good game I personally don't like it but what it would do for the platform is great, then again I don't like pokemon either. Soul Sacrifice is a better game in my opinion still not really my cup of tea (don't really like the controls think it needs improvement) .

If I were Yosp I would immediately pull the people working on panta rhie and get them and the rest of SCEJ to make me a MH killer. Freedom wars could be it but they will need one hell of a game and a BIG marketing budget. Sadly that's SCE biggest downfall the lack of big marketing push for their titles. Just look at titan fall nothing about it is special, it's all been done before. Hell graphically its not that impressive, but I reckon by its third game, hell maybe it's second it will win over most on COD fanbase. Loose on the first get em on the second. You are right, it is an insult!

If Vita tv does not work (I think it will ) it's time for seppuku
Vita needs japan to work



NathanUC said:

@MadchesterManc IMO, the Wii one was the worse in the series. Ever since 3rdP the series has gone down hill a bit for my tastes. I'm not even looking forward to this if they release it in NA. I'd rather see them announce 3rdP coming to NA.



MadchesterManc said:

@nathanuc1988 I had heard the PsP versions of Monster Hunter were some of the best but I never got around to playing them as I was busy with the likes of Project Diva & Persona. I suppose I could give them a go. If the Wii version was the worse, its probably unfair to just play that n label the series terrible lol



Ginkgo said:

Vita + Monster Hunter is enormous news, even if it is not exactly the game everyone wanted.



Ginkgo said:

@8vpiper There is not such thing as a Monster Hunter killer. The game is not that relevant, it needs Monster Hunter in the title.



rastamadeus said:

If this had come out six months ago - way before Monster Hunter 4 - it could have been massive. Now? Can't see it doing well, sadly. Have a feeling Sony have thrown money at Capcom to give them any MH but because of the Nintendo deal they couldn't give the latest so have just picked an older game at random.



Snkfiend said:

Say BYE to my money forever Crapcom BYE BYE until you get some backbone to be a great company again and respect all your consumers you gonna keep sucking until little company goes dry now go bankrupt you been F****** us over and over when this horror going to stop.



Squiggle55 said:

I only have played the Wii version and it's probably just not my type of game. It felt very bland, not only graphically, and I was basically bored by it. I can see, however, how it would be exponentially more fun with several friends hunting together and with top notch graphics.



AVahne said:

Now that Vita is getting some kind of MH game, even if it's a port of an old one, Sega should make some kind of Phantasy Star for 3DS >.>



Zombie_Barioth said:

MH3 was kind of a re-boot of the series, just about everything was new and its that one game in the series that even the fanbase is divided on (too easy, not enough content, ect.). Definitely give MHFU a shot though, especially on the Vita.

Anyway, the team that makes the main series games isn't the one in charge of frontier, thats probably why they can make it on the Vita. Nintendo probably only has a contract for the main series.

This might be good for those already playing the MMO but I don't see it saving the Vita with MH4 out. This would be good for the west though since we haven't gotten any version of it, and the Vita TV would work well with it.



KnightOfNothing said:

I love Monster Hunter, it is a really good franchise, but I don't think the game will do much for the Vita with 4 already out, and 4U/4G coming out on the more popular system, the 3DS.

That's not a good place to start in the series. And if your not a fan of the hunter type games, it wont be for you. It IS however a fun game if you happen to get into it. I was able to play 4, and it's very streamlined for new players. If you have a 3DS, that might be a good place to start. Also, Soul Sacrifice is really good, but IMO, Monster Hunter is more extensive and fun to play than Soul Sacrifice, but they're pretty similar in some aspects of the gameplay.

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