It’s not necessarily the Monster Hunter game that the PlayStation Vita needs to reignite its commercial fortunes, but it’s better than nothing: Capcom has confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show that Monster Hunter Frontier G is stomping onto the hard up handheld next year. The subscription-based MMO was announced for the PlayStation 3 a few months back, and is due out on 20th November in Japan. According to IGN, the console release will be able to interact with its portable counterpart, allowing you to take your progress on-the-go.

The title first released in 2007 on the PC, so this isn’t exactly enormous news for the Vita. Still, with the port right around the corner, hopefully it opens a gateway for more Monster Hunter titles in the future. After all, judging by this week’s Media Create results, the console needs Capcom’s animal culling series more than a chain smoker needs cigarettes.