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TGS 2013: Ace Combat: Infinity May Be Free, But It's Still Silly

Posted by Sammy Barker

Free flight

If you were worried that Ace Combat: Infinity was going to drop its silly storyline like a nuclear bomb, then breathe a big sigh of relief: the title is still utterly ridiculous. The free-to-play PlayStation 3 exclusive occurs after an asteroid cluster has collided with the Earth, bringing an end to world order.

You play as a mercenary pilot working for the United Nations, and the chaos of the planet is to your benefit. The better you perform during missions, the more you get paid – presumably allowing you to unlock pimped out aircrafts as you progress. According to earlier reports, the title will boast a full single-player campaign, in addition to a co-operative multiplayer mode. It takes flight this year on the PS3.


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charlesnarles said:

Oh, now it's silly to employ jet-planes to try to use AA missiles to shoot down meteorites careening through our atmosphere at unparalleled speeds, igniting and breaking apart in front of said jets? Jk, I love AC and of course am interested in a new one! For free!

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