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Sony's Latest HMZ-T3 Headset Will Cost You a Measly £1,300

Posted by Sammy Barker

A sign of things to come

Before the confusion kicks in, allow us to offer some clarification: the Sony HMZ-T3 is not the company’s rumoured PlayStation 4 headset. Instead, this is the latest version of its personal viewer line, which it’s been quietly dabbling with for a while. The space-age device was on display at the IFA 2013 convention in Berlin this week.

The peripheral includes two 720p OLED displays for both 2D and stereoscopic 3D content, and accepts wireless 60GHz HD transmissions. It can be connected to a mobile device for on-the-go content, as well as to a PC or PlayStation 3. The big catch, however, is that it will retail for a whopping £1,300 ($2,029) in the UK.

It’s perhaps a sign of things to come, as the manufacturer supposedly ramps up production on a headset for its next generation console. Rumours suggest that this will resemble the Oculus Rift in functionality, allowing you to physically observe game worlds by moving your head. Exactly how the firm’s going to keep costs down when it’s selling a similar device for such an extortionate sum remains to be seen.


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Epic said:

With all that money, I could easily get a new HDTV, a PS4, 5 games and an extra DS4.



BreakAtmo said:

@Epic Not the fairest comparison - the screens in this headset are OLEDs, with gorgeous colour, perfect contrast and amazing response time that trump any LCD or plasma (though admittedly only 720p). The cheapest OLED TV you can buy right now is US$9000 (can't seem to find the £ price yet).



Savino said:

It's kind hard to believe, but sony has to sell this for less than 200$ (50% of the console total price)! More than that and nobody wil buy it!



banacheck said:

People also have to remember is stuff like this always drops in price, because that is more or less a TV stuck to your head, remember how much HD TV's when thay first released. I'm not talking about Sonys VR headset here, but i can see these things being more popular, as thay drop in price, it's also OLED display.



odd69 said:

ouch and yikes all at the same time. I would hope it would go down in price



artemisthemp said:

There is no normal person, who have £1300 to spend on a Headset.
This need to get cheaper or it will end up like the 3D TV or wait I actually know someone with one



PMasterTy9 said:

So, why would anyone buy this??? It's expensive and a better version of it is already being developed.



eLarkos said:

Is this targeted at gamers? If not then the price is comparable to other futuristic HiFi stuff that hits the stores... and sells. Albeit at niche like numbers.



eLarkos said:

Yea in which case I think that the pricing strategy may be a little different



charlesnarles said:

If I want to play games on an OLED screen, then I'll play my Vita (especially with PS4 games) and if I want 3d, I have a ds. And people won't laugh at me when they see me gaming, as the cherry on top. Or would that be saving a bunch of money?...



eLarkos said:

What about watching blu ray 3D or for people who have a small apartment and dont want one room dominated by a large TV or for tech geeks who love the latest HiFi. I don't think this is supposed to be a substitute for a 3ds or vita lol I think its a niche product priced accordingly



8vpiper said:

gt5 with g27 PS eye and a hmz = heaven!
Strangely I have the old T1 but it feels like the refresh rate is to low. Looking at all the pics from the T3 it looks like they fixed all of my complaints bar 1(individual eye adjustments) 3D on the hmz eclipses any other 3D no tv can compete!

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