Before the confusion kicks in, allow us to offer some clarification: the Sony HMZ-T3 is not the company’s rumoured PlayStation 4 headset. Instead, this is the latest version of its personal viewer line, which it’s been quietly dabbling with for a while. The space-age device was on display at the IFA 2013 convention in Berlin this week.

The peripheral includes two 720p OLED displays for both 2D and stereoscopic 3D content, and accepts wireless 60GHz HD transmissions. It can be connected to a mobile device for on-the-go content, as well as to a PC or PlayStation 3. The big catch, however, is that it will retail for a whopping £1,300 ($2,029) in the UK.

It’s perhaps a sign of things to come, as the manufacturer supposedly ramps up production on a headset for its next generation console. Rumours suggest that this will resemble the Oculus Rift in functionality, allowing you to physically observe game worlds by moving your head. Exactly how the firm’s going to keep costs down when it’s selling a similar device for such an extortionate sum remains to be seen.