With over one million pre-orders already in the bank, the PlayStation 4 is shaping up to be Sony’s biggest hardware launch in history. However, according to a report published by the Entertainment Retailer's Association, it could be even more successful than expected – moving an incredible 1.8 million units in the UK this year alone.

The firm reckons that, alongside the impending Xbox One, the next generation console will generate an incredible £1.2 billion ($1.9 billion) for the UK retail sector. That figure, according to the group, could rise as high as £3 billion ($4.7 billion), though its research is based upon a survey of just 2,000 consumers.

It also assumes that there will be enough consoles available in the channel this year, which MCV suggests is unlikely. Sony’s warned ever since E3 that demand may outstrip supply, and while the console’s delay in Japan may result in more stock overseas, we suspect that there are going to be just as many disappointed faces this Christmas as there are excited ones.

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