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Sacrifice Your Spirit to the Dark Souls II Beta on PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Prepare to die

Quit pricking your eyelids with rusty nails – a much more masochistic pastime demands your attention. Sony has teamed up with From Software to launch a beta for Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3, and all that you need to do to participate is register your interest on the PlayStation Store. European readers will find a special ticket available to download now – just complete the free transaction and you’ll be in the running to test out the game.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little less taxing, you may want to try starving yourself for a few weeks, or freezing yourself in a block of ice David Blaine style. We’re pretty sure that those would be much more palatable pursuits than banging your head against gaming’s most unforgiving franchise.


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Epic said:

After playing Demon Souls I got to the conclusion that this game is not for me xD.
I don't like the fact all the money/exp that I got go away after I die.



GraveLordXD said:

The difficulty of this series is so overrated IMO
Growing up playing nes games and throwing controllers on the ground countless of times rage quitting cursing at the games and so on I can honestly say I haven't done this once while playing demon or dark souls its a pretty fair game for the most part with the exception of one area and a truly great and unique gaming experience for those with a little Patience
All that being said I cannot wait for this



Gemuarto said:

@LDXD Agreed, I beat half of Demon's Souls without dying even once. After some grinding and equipment , spells updates. it's just some people play this game as action, not knowing that it has RPG system. And half of levels are super easy with right equipment, spells. Or maybe I just played Monster Hunter a lot =(...And also, death in DS isn't actual death.



GraveLordXD said:

@Gemuarto that's pretty impressive I've died 100s of times in the first half of demon souls mainly because I wasn't use to it and trying to figure out everything on my own which part of why I loved it, after I finally beat dark souls going back to play demon I don't think I died either in the first half of the game I was surprised how good I actually got and I thank the souls games for making me not suck to bad at monster hunter 3 ultimate
From what I've seen I think the big problem is to many people think they can just hack/slash and button mash their way through and when they find out that that doesn't work for the 100th time they say f this its to hard lol the fact that this series doesn't hold your hand is why I absolutely love it



8vpiper said:

Think I'm going to skip and wait for demon souls 2, just personal preference



odd69 said:

Another series of games the critics praised and i thought was horrible. I sold the original copy after trading in a huge amounts of games at Gamestop just for this turd and it was sucky and unfair to boot. I got the shaft on that one. No i am not a fan got a bad bad taste in my mouth from this game, glad others enjoyed it though



Beaston61 said:

Awesome! Think im going to skip Beta testing though, that way I can enjoy "finished" product.

The game it self I fell in love with (I played the dodgy PC port), I thought it was the most unique non indie title I had played in ages.
Personally, I think the difficulty is mainly hype, I didn't die nearly half as much as I expected... that being said, I am familiar with the concept of "grinding"



GraveLordXD said:

@odd69 it is by far the most fair game I've ever played and I've played prob 1000s of games in my life dating back to Atari, I respect your opinion because this game sure isn't for everyone I think by you calling it unfair is because maybe you didn't spend enough time with it, many folks don't even make it through the tutorial boss or undead burg before giving up on it



odd69 said:

oh i spent quite some time with it, and the battles were epic too , i did enjoy that aspect. maybe its just the other mechanics of the game. Im sure they have tweaked them out for this one, i wont totally turn my nose up at this one.

i too have played games dating back to Atari so yea as far as fair games go you do make a valid point there haha



Blaze said:

Yeah, Dark Souls wasn't that hard. I died a lot, but I never felt as if dying was unfair (aside from maybe that Smough and whatsamajig fight). I never did beat Demons Souls though. I didn't enjoy it as much so I guess I didn't have the motivation to see it through to the end.



Savino said:

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHH!!!! Why did I read the first sentence!!!!

MY EYEEES!!!!!!!



banacheck said:

Demons & Dark Souls are both excellent RPG's, in fact Demons Souls difficulty wise was dumbed down for the west which says a lot in itself. Anyway cannot wait for Dark Souls II.



GraveLordXD said:

@artemisthemp lol um yeah I don't hate myself one bit and by your logic anyone who has played nes games back in the day must also hate them self, some people just want a fair challenge in their video games and there's nothing wrong with that
Games are just way to easy these days, not everyone can be satisfied by easy playable movies which is exactly what the gaming industry is turning into
@Blaze don't forget that part in Anor Londo I think it was, with that silver knight on the ledge they might have patched it by now but that was the only time I felt cheated, that fight with Smough was tough as nails but fair once you figure it out
Man I need to do another play through its been a while and I'm having flash backs haha



Bliquid said:

When you fail in a D Souls game it is entirely your fault.
When you succeed, it is entirely your merit.
And boy, if it is satisfying.

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