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Rumour: Sony's Virtual Reality Headset Works in Conjunction with PS4 Camera

Posted by Sammy Barker

Due out this time next year

As the rumours surrounding the PlayStation 4 taught us before it was officially announced, there’s no smoke without fire. It seems, then, that Sony really is making a push into the virtual reality sector, quietly concocting a PS4 headset that could rival the Oculus Rift. Our friends over at broke the news earlier in the week, and now Games Industry International has uncovered a little more information.

According to the site’s sources, the peripheral is very much in production, and was demonstrated to select developers behind closed doors at E3 earlier in the year. While a Tokyo Game Show reveal had been mooted, the publication claims that this is off the agenda for now, while the platform holder focuses its attention on its next generation console’s launch. An announcement, according to the article, is much more likely to be made next year ahead of a holiday release.

Perhaps most interesting is how the device will work, though. Apparently, the headset uses the PlayStation Eye – similarly to the PlayStation Move motion controller – and tracks bobbles on the outside of its chassis. This makes the unit much more accurate than the Oculus Rift, allowing you to essentially enter game worlds and look around in an intuitive manner. However, it creates some aesthetic issues, which the firm is still ironing out.

Allegedly, the company is aiming to promote the device heavily. The site’s sources state that the manufacturer is planning a bigger push than its aforementioned motion peripheral, and is hoping that the technology will become a key differentiator in the future. We still think that cost will be a big issue, though – Oculus Rift development kits aren’t cheap, and when you factor in the price of the console itself and a PlayStation Eye camera, this is going to be an expensive option.

Still, considering the hints that company executives like Shuhei Yoshida have been dropping, we very much believe that this is on the way. Sony’s apparently trying to get more developers onboard behind-the-scenes, and we hope that it’s successful with its efforts; there’s an enormous amount of potential in technology like Oculus Rift, and the platform holder is one of the few firms with the muscle required to make it mainstream. Are you interested in the idea of a PS4 headset? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Jaz007 said:

Imagine if they combine this with Move. I think I will get this if they have one game that really used it well if I already have the camera.



InsertNameHere said:

I'd throw my life savings at this if Naughty Dog made a second TLoU. Just imagine how much more frightening it would be if you had infected coming at you in first person.



rjejr said:

So head tracking is done by the camera rather than an accelerometer and gyroscope inside the mask? Sounds kind of round about but if it works thats cool.
And yeah, what Sanquine said, bundle w/ the camera and a game.




Just as I thought, I'd expect it'll likely have 3 light bars, 1 front and 2 either side as well as accelerometers.
Space combat please!



OorWullie said:

That's it,bugger it,I'm buying my first Sony console.I've been holding off on buying a Wii U as they're not available in Thailand though I assumed I would get 1 when I go back home for Xmas but I find myself coming to this site more and more and being more intrigued with what Sony are doing.I don't have much time for gaming and when I do it's mostly Mario Kart or 16 bit games but I do plan to get back into it once I settle down with my girl.All my mates back home in Scotland have Xbox's and have been telling me for years to get with the times.I'm going to say to them I will,it just wont be with Xbox.6 months from now,I'll have a house on the beach,a kitten or 2 and a PS4,looking forward to sweating my baws off with this bad boy on my head



charlesnarles said:

"Am I interested?"..... Yes! If preordering made me 'hardcore' then not getting this would definitely boot me out of the club. Cameras tracking dots sounds way easier for the machine to handle in the background than accelerometers or w/e., and it's more accurate. Rift is a good idea, but Sony's was bigger.



Cloud7794 said:

This is amazing news... but with amazing news comes amazing (and not usually in the good way) price. If it's affordable, such as NOT costing more than the console it's on, this is definitely something I will add to my list of must-haves. The question remains, though, will they be able to strike a deal with this:



hamispink said:

If they could make it for 200-250 dollars, it could be big. Considering it should be easy for then to retool the move lights to be sensed on a helmet, Sony could very well undercut the Oculus in price.



eLarkos said:

Similar tech to big budget motion capture for films/games.. sounds like the superior tech to me. Heres hoping it works well




My cousin has a Rift dev kit. She says on the stuff that's properly optimised the experience is amazing.
Cut out all of that PC scalability gubbins and replace it with a standard constant platform- and it should be just as good as Rift.

Remember one of the Move tech demo's where the wand became like a POV camera? That in VR perhaps?



Savino said:

Well, as long as it works on pc too is a buy for me, otherwise I will stick with Rift...



Squiggle55 said:

I'll buy it absolutely without a doubt regardless of price. I'm still curious about this whole notion of "getting developers on board". I would love to hear that I can use my headset for EVERY game as my screen. Maybe less games are compatible with head tracking, but I want every game compatible with the screen. That should be easy, right?



JaxonH said:

The thing is, regular console games are not typically compatible with VR without optimizations. For example, in FPS games the average eye-level height is 9ft above ground, and the average running speed is 35mph. In VR it's appears way off-kilter, and games must be programmed to accommodate accordingly. So if this headset is true, how many VR-specific games will be developed for it, considering a good chunk of resources will still be needed for normal games?



Squiggle55 said:

In fact, I can see myself preferring NOT to use head tracking sometimes. More often than not I would probably just want the giant screen on my face and a controller in my hand.



Epic said:

Ah man just the possibilities of this are killing me with hype.



Visiblemode said:

Not sure. Depends on the implementation. Part of me thinks this is just a figurative and literal headache. We'll see.

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