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Natural Doctrine Wields Its Sword and Shield in PS4 Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Glitzy glimpse

Japanese publisher Kadokawa Games is hoping to open your eyes to PlayStation 4 launch title Natural Doctrine with a slick little video short that shows off its cast – and most members' questionable dress sense. While all of the stars are clearly well endowed in the weaponry department, we’re not entirely convinced that the skimpy armour worn by the ladies looks particularly practical – especially when it seems that the crew will be facing off against beasts the size of a harrier jet.

For those that missed the announcement earlier in the month, the strategy role-playing game sees you participate in turn-based battles, and will feature both single player and multiplayer campaigns. In other words, it’s down to you to ensure that the woefully underdressed female members in your posse don’t fall into harm’s way. No pressure, then.

Like most other next generation launch titles, the game is also cutting onto the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Unsurprisingly, a Western release has not yet been announced – but don’t rule it out entirely. Remember, platform holder Sony has a brand new division dedicated to bringing titles like this overseas, so if you want it, you only really need to make a noise.


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InsertNameHere said:

Come on, Sammy. I expected you of all people to know that the less armor a woman is wearing, the more powerful the armor she has on becomes.



rjejr said:

Is Kadakowa games part of the same Kadakowa that bought Daieis IP? I could really go for a Gamera game. I cant recall ever seeing one but I really want to pilot a giant flying spinning fire breathing turtle while battling a laser spitting pteradon thru the wild blue yonder. The rainbow ray of death should help capture the Hello Kitty crowd.



JaxonH said:

Looks interesting. Ever since Fire Emblem Awakening I've been particularly interested in SRPG's. Went on a spree and bought 4 other previous entries of the franchise, and now I'm looking for more. Maybe this will serve as my next fix, but I'd like to see more gameplay as opposed to these abstract trailers the game keeps receiving.

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