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Media Molecule Is Thinking Big with Tearaway

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Whole world in your hands

Media Molecule's Rex Crowle and community manager Spaff opened up on the Eurogamer Expo developer sessions stage earlier today, where they walked a captivated audience through a live demo of the PlayStation Vita's premier papercraft title, Tearaway.

The upbeat duo were eager to emphasise the concept behind the game, in which the colourful cut-out universe is in constant interaction with our own. From the way the release uses the handheld's front camera to plaster your mug over the world's sun, to the madness of popping your digits through the ground with a tap of the rear touch pad, the Guildford-based studio appears to have created one of the most interactive titles that we've seen on a Sony console.

However, what surprised us most was the title's incredibly cohesive and surprisingly open world. While you'll still be funneling your messenger through one area to the next, you'll also be able to cheerfully jog around more expansive spaces, which can house humorous small activities – like picking up and hurling paper gophers for fun – or secret stashes of collectibles. The game's attention to detail also helps the folded landscape appear very much alive, as two dimensional vegetation sways back and forth as you trot along a picturesque pathway.

It was encouraging to see the developer so obviously enthralled with its own creation and sharing it with such enthusiasm. With Tearaway just under two months away, are you looking forward to furiously prodding your Vita? Send over your letters in the comments section below.

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Gemuarto said:

Still not sure if I want to buy it on start. Really didin't like LBP in every way possible. At least, I will wait for reviews or demo. Art style and all are amazing, though.



Visiblemode said:

Preordered...yet this part of me is still skeptical. I don't know why. I could totally see it blowing me away afterall, but for some reason, a week after PS4 launch, not sure this will set the world on fire. Hoping for them though, genuinely.



Visiblemode said:

Like, actually, it comes out Xb1 launch am I going down to the game store to wait in line for this preorder? This is beyond insane timing. They should change the release date of this game.



hYdeks said:

@Visiblemode most people that are looking into this game could careless about the Xbox One, mainly because they will already have a PS4

I'm not much for LBP, but this game has really gotten my attention, I'll wait for a review, but I think this game looks awesome!



Visiblemode said:

@hydeks Yeah, I get that...but launch day is a big deal. Take me, for example, I have it preordered. One week earlier I will have stood in a 6 hour line to get my PS4...the day Tearaway drops, I would have to tear myself away(pun intended) from that PS4 to go wade through a 6 hour line of Xbox enthusiasts to pick up Tearaway? No.

I'll still get it, but will pick up the pre-order a day or two later. Just saying that for many people to get this game, especially being launched on such an under appreciated platform, it's suicide to release it a week after PS4 and on Xb1 launch day.



JaxonH said:

Not sure about this one. I bought Little Big Planet because of all the positive talk about it, and I ended up hating it. Too slow paced and just, well, boring imo. This one looked interesting at first, but the more I see of it, the less I like it. Creativity doesn't always necessarily mean better. If they drop a demo I'll be glad to try it and perhaps be proven wrong, but as it stands, I'm just not a fan of Media Molecule's games.



fchinaski said:

I don't know. As much as I respect what Media Molecule does and the obvious quality of the their games, I'm at a point of my life where I just don't have the time to dedicate to open world, create your own things type of game. I have to have a story driven narrative that gets from A to B (even if I have the liberty to explore other things while I'm at it) and that at some point ends. No place for timesinks in my life.



ShogunRok said:

@fchinaski It still has a linear narrative, but we just caught on to the fact that they mentioned more open environments in places. You're definitely still going from A to B.



fchinaski said:

@ShogunRok My bad completely. I don't know why but I seem to have ignored this sentence!: "While you'll still be funneling your messenger through one area to the next..."



JimmyC said:

I've Preordered this
This along with Pokemon X/Y and a Link between Worlds are most anticipated portable titles this year

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