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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Flashes Footage of the End of the World

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not a hair conditioner commercial

If the real rapture is anything like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s, then we’re counting down the days. This brand new video includes the opening cinematic from Square Enix’s upcoming JRPG, and shows carefree citizens enjoying a firework display and pole dancing production while they await Armageddon. Of course, the title's sour-faced protagonist has to rock up and ruin everyone’s fun eventually. There’s always one.


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Snkfiend said:

Meh........sorry i'm not trolling just this FF is so boring and overrated can it end at 15 I hope.



sackninja said:

Who needs actual gameplay when you have swag... I feel like I just threw away five minutes of my life watching that.



Ginkgo said:

FF cut-scenes always look great, and this is no exception. Looks epic. I guess everyone is waiting to see some game play.



Cloud7794 said:

Honestly the story seems a lot more interesting for this one than the previous two. I like how it seems everyone is against each other at the very least. I saw some gameplay from TGS as well and though the style battles take are very much the same as 13 and 13-2, it seems you have more control and can't auto-attack anything.

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