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Grand Theft Auto V Gets Issued A PSN Download Delay [Updated]

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Pre-release now available from 16th

[Update]: Developer Rockstar has clarified just when you'll be able to download your pre-order, depending on your territory. In Europe, you'll be able to download the pre-release on Sunday the 15th of September at 3pm BST, while in the US, you'll have to wait until Monday the 16th of September, at the rather late time of 3am EST.

[Original Story]: Sony originally promised that you'd be able to download Rockstar's latest blockbuster from the PlayStation Store starting today, so that it was ready to play in time for release.

Unfortunately, the Japanese company has went back on its statement, and have delayed any pre-release downloads until Monday the 16th of September - just a day before the game launches. With no concrete explanation, it would appear that the recent leak of Grand Theft Auto V - which Sony was forced to apologise for - may have played a large part in the decision.

Still, at least you won't be downloading 17.2GB of data while the game is out on store shelves, right? Are you planning on nabbing a digital copy? Let us know in the comments below.


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rjejr said:

I consider my PS3 to be pretty speedy at 1GB per 10 minutes (that's how I measure stuff, I think my first computer was a 14.4, I remember upgrading it to 28.8 and then 33) but that would still be 3 hours. Plus my 500GB HDD is pretty slow at the installs, even 500mb demoes take a minute or 2. Gonna be a lot of high blood pressure by the time people start playing this.



banacheck said:

I don't have problems with downloading, Ni No Kuni was around 17GB. I've got it pre ordered, so i'll have the disc version but still have a 8GB install.



PMasterTy9 said:

@rjejr oh wow, I remember the 28.8k days and how awesome it was that I could upgrade to 56k with just firmware upgrade.

As long as you have a decent connection you should have plenty of time to download.



charlesnarles said:

500gb/1tb free on mine. I'm only 1mb/s, but it can do it in my sleep. I might never buy a disc again if Sony would elaborate on the whole upgrading gens issue. I don't want to repeat getting coerced into buying the same games several different times (oblivion PCv, ps3v, ps3goty, ps3five-year, PCultimate); (MGS1 original, VR missions, trilogy, digital) etc. All my choices, but damn.



Ginkgo said:

Unfortunately I can't pick up a copy until Thurs. Will just have to wait, and hope it doesn't sell out. Chatted to the guy in the store, checking if he through a sell out was likely, and he said that they had more copies of the game, than for any other launch in history! They are also doing a midnight opening.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

I had preordered the game at gamestop and target (just in case lol) but decided today to just download it. I have 100+ gigs left on my fairly new 500 gb PS3 so why not. I'm friggin pumped and can't wait to play!!



Madd_Hatter401 said:

We in America can not download the game until 12:00am sept. 17. Absolutely bogus!! I was hoping to be playing at midnight not having a overnight download that I'm sure will be severely hindered by the amount of people who will be swarming to download it at the same time. I'm not happy about this >

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