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Deep Down Will Be Playable on PS4 at the Tokyo Game Show

Posted by Sammy Barker

Answers incoming

We’re finally going to find out what Capcom’s upcoming PlayStation 4 project Deep Down is all about. Sony has confirmed that the Panta Rhei-powered online title will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show, meaning that we’re approximately two weeks away from garnering some solid information about the mysterious next generation game.

Those of you that stayed up late to watch the platform holder’s big PlayStation Meeting earlier in the year will recall the title being revealed with an incredible – and fiery – Dragon’s Dogma-esque trailer. It’s since been confirmed that the title is being developed by Capcom’s Online Games division, suggesting that it will be a multiplayer-focused affair, and most likely an MMO.

This year’s Tokyo Game Show is set to run from 19th September to 22nd September. With a brand new console launch right around the corner, expect the platform holder to bring some serious firepower to the convention. A certain cat-bird thing would be perfect ammunition for the event if you ask us.

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mibtar said:

Would have liked it better if it was a new dragon's dogma. Dark Arisen was a lot of fun. Still, deep down seems pretty interesting especially if it plays like dogma. And a MMO version is pretty cool.



longshot28 said:

If it is a new dragons dogma, wouldn't that pretty much put the rumors that this is exclusive to rest?



banacheck said:

I'm looking forwards for more info on this game as well, Dragon's Dogma is an excellent game so i wouldn't mind.



GraveLordXD said:

This and the order 1886 are the only 2 games I'm even remotely interested in for the ps4 so far and I would love to see some actual gameplay and more info about both.

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