Killzone: Shadow Fall

The tasty Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle that leaked out of Amazon France earlier in the year is legit – and will deploy in the UK. Sony Computer Entertainment UK gaffer Fergal Gara confirmed the snippet in an interview with earlier today, adding that it will be “no more than a tenner either way of the [Xbox One’s base £429] depending on what conversion rate we use on the day”.

In truth, there will be two packages available. The more basic option will include a PlayStation 4 and a copy of the hotly anticipated first-person shooter for €439, which works out at about £369. The more attractive option, however, will include all of the above, in addition to an extra DualShock 4 controller and a PlayStation Eye. That will set you back €499, or about £420. A stone’s throw away from the Xbox One's price, then.

According to the publication's sources, the platform holder will announce several European bundles for its next generation console tomorrow. Those of you with pre-orders will be able to upgrade should you find any of the options more attractive than the base machine. However, you may need to act fast, as stocks won’t last long.

“The mega bundle is in limited volume, and therefore it’s probably going to go mainly to current pre-order customers, then follow-up volume may well be post-Christmas," Gara cautioned. “But there are other bundles that also represent incredibly good value. It's not just about having a good base price. We want to offer value in every way we can.”

What kind of PS4 bundle would tempt you? Are you interested in the aforementioned Killzone: Shadow Fall package? Let us know in the comments section below.