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Beyond: Two Souls' Special Edition Does Its Best Portal Impression

Posted by Sammy Barker

Are you GLaDOS about that?

The cake may well be a lie, but Beyond: Two Souls’ bizarre Portal-inspired expansion is not. Sony has released a trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive’s special steelbook edition, which includes an additional 30 minutes of gameplay courtesy of the Aperture Science-esque ‘Advanced Experiments’ training missions.

During these trials, you’ll once again assume the role of Jodie Holmes, but will need to work with supernatural entity Aiden in order to pass several high-pressure puzzles. Given the core game’s grounded narrative focus, it seems like a bit of an unusual addition – but we suppose as an optional bonus, it could be pretty neat. Rumours that Stephen Merchant is set to reprise his role at Wheatley are unfounded as far as we’re aware.


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NathanUC said:

This will probably be the last PS3 game I ever buy. It's looking like my PS3 will die happy.



NathanUC said:

@get2sammyb My hopes and dreams will be that it's available on PS4 to some degree. Even if it's just through cloud streaming, I'd rather buy it on PS4 so that I can donate my PS3 to my sister.

I also have a hard time getting excited for it considering how good Driveclub is looking. Being more accessible, my friends might ACTUALLY play that one haha.



belmont said:

I don't get the reason behind the title not getting a digital release. I want the game but there is no way I 'll give 70 euros to local retailers for the special edition. There is no reason to price it so high. Some thing happened with the last of us. Retailers here asked for 70 euros on launch for the normal edition and I got it for 60 euros on psn and also got the soundtrack.

And if it hadn't been for the jrpgs of next year (FF13-3, Atelier, Xillia 2) this would be also my final PS3 game.



El_Murcielago said:

I just bought this for 32 pounds on amazon. Seems to be a fair price for the content and I'm also excited for my final PS3 game!

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