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You'll Be Able to Purchase and Download PS4 Games Wherever You Are

Posted by Sammy Barker

Every little helps

While the act of actually booting up the PlayStation 3's store to purchase software has become increasingly convoluted over the past couple of years, the PlayStation 4 is going to make things really simple. Responding to a request on Twitter, likeable Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that you won’t even need to be in the same room, country, or (presumably) continent as your console to download and install new content.

“When you buy a PS4 game on [a] smartphone, it will wake your PS4 up to start downloading the game,” he explained. “The PS4 goes back to sleep after that.” Your purchase will then be ready for you when you get home, waiting for you to play. This is going to be absolutely amazing on PlayStation Store update days – assuming that Sony can decide upon a set time to actually refresh the digital plaza’s content.


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Matt_Berial said:

I saw this as well, it's an awesome feature to have and a must in this day and age.



Jaz007 said:

Okay, so I can buy a game on another content, but what if I'm on the moon or someplace like that? You can't just leave important details out like that.



Epic said:

Good, now I'm going to be able to purchase from the PS store games on sale while I'm on a trip and download them so they are ready when I'm back .



InsertNameHere said:

Now all Shuhei has to do is confirm that by utilizing Gaikai, you'll be able to use remote play to play your digital PS4 library on your Vita no matter where you are.



Squiggle55 said:

@Lelouch I'm still curious to hear more details about remote play as well. I've heard unclear official statements like "using wifi you'll be able to play all of your ps4 games on the Vita at home". Well which is it?



Stuffgamer1 said:

This isn't news, really. Maybe a slight clarification at best. Won't help me much anyway, since I don't have a smartphone.



Cloud7794 said:

@Jaz007 As long as you have a stable connection that can transmit the command to your PS4, then yes, you can download while on the moon. Though it may take a min or 2 for the PS4 to actually recieve the command from such a distance. Make sure to be within a space station or something, as unfiltered sunlight and radiation may damage you PS Vita.
@KALofKRYPTON As long as you leave your modem on and your PS4 plugged in (doesn't have to be "on"), "it will wake your PS4 up to start downloading the game... The PS4 goes back to sleep after that"




@Cloud7794 yeah, I know how it works, but as I say I turn everything off when I'm not in, so it's not a feature I'll use unless perhaps I want to queue things up beforehand.



Cloud7794 said:

@KALofKRYPTON Oh okay, I just legitimately thought you had missed that point. More power to ya in that case, though I would love for Sony to use this new feature to hold "Flash Sales" or something, where the sale lasts like 10min-1hr only. Since most people will have the function available to them, I think it'd be a cool and fun way to get some sales going on struggling and/or semi-popular games.



MadchesterManc said:

I kinda already do this at the moment. I use the Playstation Store website to buy my games at work n que up the downloads. Once thats done I just call my bro n get him to turn on my Ps3. It shutsdown automatically when the downloads are done n installed . Voila! When I get home from work its all ready to go. The Ps4 experiance on a Ps3



artemisthemp said:

It's already possible to buy stuff from the PS Store (From your Smartphone) and have your PS3 download it.
However it require that you add it to download list before your PS3 does it's update/upload save check.



Gamer83 said:

Not really sure how much I'll use this but it's nice to know this feature is there should I decide I need to get something and simply can't wait until I get home.

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