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UK Sales Charts: The Last of Us Clicks at the Heels of Minecraft

Posted by Sammy Barker

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We truly are in the summer lull – even though it’s cloudy outside. A lack of new releases meant that Minecraft held onto its spot atop the UK sales charts this week. Slipping Pikmin 3 sales allowed The Last of Us to pull itself into second, while FIFA 13 snuck back into Champions League contention in fourth.

The Smurfs 2 made the biggest impression, increasing its sales by 115 per cent on the back of the movie's release. It finished up in fifth, just in front of Far Cry 3, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Crystal Dynamics’ brilliant Tomb Raider reboot and the divisive Assassin’s Creed III rounded out the top ten. You can peruse the full list of movers and shakers through here.


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ViciousDS said:

lol wow pikmin 3 already dropped below a game 2 months old.....tells you how insanely small that install base must be for nintendo.

As much as the nintendo fans keep saying games are on the horizon, as a third party machine though its not looking good at all.

Maybe Nintendo though needs a shortcoming generation in order to make them back into the amazing powerhouse they once were. Everyone remembers which system had the most RPG's of all time since the PS2 and it was the SNES by gosh there are years worth of play-ability on the RPG's that consoled had.

Kind of like how the PS3 was in the first 4 years, and this time around Sony seems to be the one ahead because of the lessons they learned.....Nintendo didn't have that issue with the Wii....i mean its almost nearing the 100 million mark as we speak and will most likely hit it. But this Generation I really did think they came out way to early and should have spend an extra year putting some more tech under the hood, instead of the system being a third of the power that my gaming laptop provides.

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