GamesCom hasn’t even started properly yet, but the action's already underway. Telltale’s kicked off the excitement by confirming that its brilliant The Walking Dead episodic series is set to cause some serious moral quandaries on the PlayStation Vita tomorrow in North America. Could this week possibly get any better?

“This version is an awesome way to experience The Walking Dead, whether you’re dipping your toe into the water for the first time, or looking to catch up on any episodes that you might have missed,” said community lead Laura Perusco. “Even if you’ve already played through the whole season on the PlayStation 3, there’s an additional set of Trophies for playing the series on the Vita.”

The game will support both button controls and more intimate touch screen interactions. And if you do play through the game on Sony’s handheld, you’re going to want to hold onto your save files, because Season Two is set to launch on the portable later this year, too. Excuse us while we go and do lame zombie impressions around the office in celebration.