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Take a Tour of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V Travelogue

Posted by Sammy Barker

Paradise city

The daily drip feed of Grand Theft Auto V information is in full swing. Not content with teasing the title’s multiplayer unveiling, Rockstar Games has launched a travelogue on its website, which is overflowing with the sarcastic sense of humour that you can expect to find in the full adventure. The page – which will be refreshed regularly before launch – includes information on many of the attractions from the hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 release, spanning shopping districts, trailer parks, and the great outdoors.

Just glancing through the information makes you appreciate the insane amount of detail that developer Rockstar North invests into these games. We’re particularly fond of the political videos, but also find the references to the Epsilon Program amusing. Man, this game isn’t going to be absolutely amazing, isn’t it?


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Splat said:

I lost many hours hunting in RDR. I hope it's like that...



Daryusp said:

I'm going to spend hours upon hours getting lost in this game. CAN'T WAIT!



Sanquine said:

I just hate GTA games.... Every time i buy it but i cant play it for long. One Gta was playable and that was San andreas. That was fun:D



Sanquine said:

@get2sammyb Gameplay is just not made for me. I loved vice City( correction on my previous post) and San andreas. However GTA IV destroyed every love i had for the series. It was boring...



MorriganIsHot said:

This game gonna be sick and hope tanks, karts, vortex, jetpack and the crazy cheats that SA have make it back. SR4 will keep me busy until this release.



craigun said:

A new living, breathing world to immerse myself in. It's going to cut into my PS4 budget, but hey, it looks like a PS4 game!

Now that GTA5 is finished, I hope Rockstar announces Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PS4 is well underway.

Maybe dreaming here, but is there ANY word on a new Wipeout? I know Sony shut down the studio that developed the game, but I'm still holding out hope for it..



SuperSilverback said:

After Wipeout HD and 2048, id really love another Wipeout. So damn good. Only racing games i will play lol. Part from the NFS most wanted.



charlesnarles said:

@SuperSilverback wipeout vita kicks my ass every single time lol.
Screenshots look great. Makes me wanna know when the PS4 and PC versions will come. I had a quick GTA4 killing spree this morning before work, ya know, for the catharsis : ) I think you just have to play 4 in small increments in order to not hate it



SuperSilverback said:

Oh and i still refuse to believe this is on PS3 lol Im playing Red Dead Redemption and it takes a few seconds for trees to load up properly =P

Also, L.A Noire was more than one disc on the 360, how many will GTA5 be??



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Yeah...I also have difficulties to believe that the screens are from the current gen version of the game...just looks too sharp, texture-wise...I'll believe it when I see it, but I think the screens are from a next gen version that's just a few month down the line, no matter what Rockstar claims.

And I found GTA IV boring, as well. Sure, there was a lot of details in the city, but the gameplay hasn't changed since GTA's always just "go to a), shoot b)" or "follow a) in a car to point b), then shoot him and get rid of the cops" or "go to a) pick up box, bring it to b), then shoot him or c)" The missions hardly brought anything new to the table since...well...GTA III...just my humble opinion, of course. Didn't even finish IV because it was boring.

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