Take a quick glance at the Xbox One’s lineup, and you’ll see timed exclusive content coming out of the console’s ears. Microsoft has partnered with titles such as Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, whereas Sony has been a little quieter in this department. That doesn’t mean that it’s not out striking deals, though – it just prefers to join forces on games that are “new and fresh”.

“We’ve carefully selected titles where we feel that it’s appropriate to partner with a third party,” SCEE president Jim Ryan told the Metro in an alarmingly candid interview. “We are partnering with Activision on Destiny. This is a new intellectual property from Bungie, and there’s gonna be stuff that is exclusive to PlayStation for a window of time.”

He added: “Destiny isn’t a launch title, but it’s pretty much an exact offset to what Activision is doing with Microsoft [on Call of Duty]. And I would argue that as a new IP coming from Bungie, I would rather be in a position of having a long-term relationship with Activision on Destiny than on Call of Duty, which has obviously been around for a very long time.”

Ryan continued that the platform holder’s association with new releases like Watch Dogs evidence its commitment to original brands. “Destiny is a new IP on this gen, as is Watch Dogs,” he stressed. “We feel that it’s preferable, if possible, to tie these sorts of deals in with stuff that’s new and a bit fresh.”

How do you feel about Sony banking on unproven third-party franchises? It certainly fits the manufacturer’s ethos, but Microsoft does have a lot of huge names on its side. Do these co-marketing deals ever sway your purchasing intent anyway? Have you ever purchased a game on a specific platform due to exclusive content? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via metro.co.uk]