If you’d hoped to be playing the PlayStation Vita version of Ubisoft’s hotly anticipated Rayman Legends this week, you may want to put your Globox impersonations on ice. The French publisher has revealed that the handheld iteration of its colourful adventure will not deploy until 13th September in the UK. This is so that the French publisher can give the portable instalment’s Lums an extra layer of glitter, making a delay seem equally likely overseas.

"The release of Rayman Legends on the Vita has been delayed in order to apply the final level of polish that gamers expect from a Rayman game,” a spokesperson told entertainment website Digital Spy. “With unique touchpad controls, five bonus maps, and two bonus costumes, we're certain that Rayman fans will be fully satisfied.”

The PlayStation 3 release is still on target for 30th August in Europe and 3rd September in North America, so you won’t miss out on any platforming action if you’re planning to purchase the game for that system. Still, seeing as Rayman Origins was such a delight on the Vita’s super-sharp OLED screen, this is definitely disappointing news. It’s only two weeks, though – and at least it shows that the publisher’s committed to pushing out a quality product rather than a rushed release.

[via digitalspy.co.uk]