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No Assassin's Creed on Vita This Year, But You'll Be Able to Stream from PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sail the seven seas

Against all of the odds, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation was a solid success. The decent PlayStation Vita exclusive sold very well, but sadly there’s no portable version of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in the pipeline. That’s because developer Ubisoft Sofia’s busy beavering away on the upcoming sequel.

“Liberation actually did very well – we’re very proud of it,” game director Ashraf Ismail told “But the focus for us was Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, for current-gen consoles and next-gen consoles. From a resource standpoint, the team that worked on Liberation is actually working with us on [the sequel]. They're developing a specific part of the game for us.”

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get your fix of seafaring action on Sony’s flagship portable. As with all non-camera titles on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to stream the game to your Vita via Remote Play. “This is going to be a supported feature in Assassin's Creed IV,” said associate producer Sylvain Trottier. “All we have to do is make sure that the controls are good on the Vita because it's missing a few buttons."

We suspect that that won’t be too taxing with two touch panels waiting to pick up the slack. And with the console sequel set to feature a handful of exclusive Aveline de Grandpré missions, it may feel like you’re playing a follow-up to last year’s Liberation on Vita after all.


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Dolphan2388 said:

I wonder how remote play will actually work if its going to be well implemented or if its going to be really laggy. I'm sure we'll hear more about it next week.



ObviouslyAdachi said:

Well for people like me who got a PS3 relatively recently and won't be buying PS4, remote play doesn't help. It seems like developers are starting to use remote play as an excuse for not porting, and the console's not even out yet. Besides, even if you have a PS4 and a Vita, most people don't have the 3G Vitas. So if you're on your home wi-fi, there's almost no reason to use remote play unless you want to play in bed or outside. Either way, you're tethered to your house. That is no substitute for a true Vita version.



get2sammyb said:

@ObviouslyAdachi I agree, however it's up to Sony to make sure that it's not an excuse and more a bonus. I wouldn't say it's useless, though. I have my consoles downstairs, for example. Being able to continue a game while I'm upstairs in bed seems like a worthwhile experience — assuming that it all works with minimal lag, of course. I think that's the big question mark: will it actually work as promised.



charlesnarles said:

I can't decide if I should be more excited for remote play or for Vita titles. I'd hate for it to turn into an even bigger port-a-potty than it already is tho. Are PS3 games just abandoned now? Never oblivion on vita?
Sheesh, 1st-world problems, eh?



eLarkos said:

This is exactly what I said/feared would happen. I think sony just don't understand the portable gaming market. A handheld and a console are 2 completely different pieces of hardware and therefore should have 2 completely different sets of software. Sony thinks building a "console quality" portable is the right way to go. All you end up with is inferior versions of games you can play on your console. Now they have created remote play (still very skeptical) and essentially have limited their already low software sales. Yes a few more vitas might sell but we all know thats not where they make money. I bet that the majority of portable game owners actually use their device at home more than away (I know I do!) So now people with limited money are going to have an option to buy a watered down killzone, uncharted etc or buy the full version ps4 game. Lets watch those vita game sales skyrocket!!!



InsertNameHere said:

"So now people with limited money are going to have an option to buy a watered down killzone, uncharted etc or buy the full version ps4 game. Lets watch those vita game sales skyrocket!!!"

By that logic, games like Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, etc. shouldn't sell well on Nintendo's handhelds because they're essentially watered down versions of their console counterparts.

Personally, I think this is good for the Vita. If people see how useful and convenient remote play is, then they'll go out and buy a Vita, which will increase sales (obviously) and 3rd party devs will start developing for it - all's well that ends well.



eLarkos said:

If nintendo allowed the wii u versions of mario kart, monster hunter etc to be remote played on 3ds then I believe the 3ds versions would sell less.

I do agree with the fact that it will increase vita sales and therefore more devs will see it as a viable option to produce unique titles for however there are many other ways to do this with less side effects



Jaz007 said:

@ObviouslyAdachi What about people who want to play PS4, but a family member is using the TV? That will give remote play value to a lot of people.



Gamer83 said:

I'd say it's the beginning of the end for Vita, it'll be an expensive app for PS4 for a couple years then fade into memory. Just like Dreamcast it'll be wasted potential, sadly but Sony's fault for the pricing and ridiculous lack of advertising. That's one thing I will always credit MS for, it puts out a product and even if it absolutely sucks, like Zune, you know the parent company will at least try to do everything to save it.

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