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Lucky GameStop Managers Scoop a Free PS4 and Seven Games This November

Posted by Sammy Barker

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If there are any PlayStation 4 stock shortages this Christmas, then you’ll know who to blame: GameStop has announced that the managers at all 6,500 of its North American stores will receive a free PlayStation 4 this November. But that’s not all – lucky employees will also scoop an incredible seven games to play on it, as part of an impressive new console launch haul. Free titles will include Killzone: Shadow Fall, Need for Speed: Rivals, and Battlefield 4.

The announcement was made during GameStop’s annual company exposition in Los Angeles, where the organisation also revealed that store bosses will be netting an Xbox One, too. We suppose that it helps if managers have an understanding of the products that they’re flogging, but this sounds like the absolute best educational aid ever. Just in case anyone from the firm’s recruitment department is reading, we have experience in retail and several business qualifications. Just, er, sayin’.


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Squiggle55 said:

Is this a present from Sony or from Gamestop headquarters? Regardless this is only a good thing. It's quite silly how partial most gamestop employees were to Microsoft last generation and it's simply a bad idea as a retail business to have your employees be biased. Saw someone trading in a ps3 yesterday and one new employee didn't even know how to plug it in/turn it on b/c she only owns an xbox.



rjejr said:

On Oct 31st Gamestop will announce all managers are being re-classified as "associate managers" and only 3 of these will actually be handed out.



PMasterTy9 said:

So, if you are a GameStop Manager, you will get both consoles for free.. WTF? Damn, I should have become a store manager instead of an IT

@rjejr LOL...that would be funny



Matt_Berial said:

@Squiggle55 "Saw someone trading in a ps3 yesterday and one new employee didn't even know how to plug it in/turn it on b/c she only owns an xbox."

Wow, I have always been playing on Playstation consoles, and when I got my first xbox 360 I already knew what to do, I was a complete noob to the 360. I didn't even need to ask for help, It was really easy to set-up and use. Same thing with my PS3, It was really easy. I'm laughing. xD

You would think someone who works at Gamestop (or other places) would know how to operate all of the video game systems. lol



InsertNameHere said:

Nov. 15: All GameStop managers complain about simultaneous YLoD's as soon as they powered-on their PS4.



Gamer83 said:

Both consoles and games for each. Crazy, but having worked at GameStop before and knowing what everybody who works there has to deal with, I'd say they deserve it. Nice gesture by Sony and MS.



Stuffgamer1 said:

This beats the SNOT out of the refurbished Vita's they gave their managers last year. I'm definitely all for equal representation among the if only we could get these guys to learn about NINTENDO. In my experience, most GameStop employees are worst versed in that area...something I was good for, but I'm no salesman so they dumped me anyway.



charlesnarles said:

Huh. It's kind of surprising, considering how fanatic people are about brands. At least eBay will have all the rejected Xboxes. Maybe everyone won't be so clueless now

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