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Looks Like It Really Is Last Chance Saloon for PS4 Pre-Orders

Posted by Sammy Barker

UK retailer shutting the batwing doors

You really are running out of time to pull the trigger on your PlayStation 4 pre-order in the UK. Yesterday, a CVG report claimed that Sony was set to introduce a deadline on next generation system sales, and online outlet Simply Games has reinforced that by sending out email reminders like the one embedded to the right.

The messages note that you have one more weekend to pre-order your machine. While the small print adds that your system is still not guaranteed should you meet the 5th August closing date, you stand more chance of getting a console by ordering now than doing nothing at all.

Have you requested your PS4 yet, or are you playing a game of Russian roulette with regards to availability? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Thanks TOMBOY25]

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ViciousDS said:

got 2 pre-ordered Sammy, one for me and the little brother is getting for Christmas.....its going to be hard to keep him from buying assassins creed and watch dogs on the inferior tech though because he really loves those games, especially assassins creed.



SuperSilverback said:

Me and my bros are gona wait a while before we get it. Nothing ever sells out in Ireland, even potatoes.



Lukos said:

Just because a company jumps on the bandwagon and put out a mass email saying "Last Chance Saloon" doesn't mean it's really Last Chance Saloon. I feel like that email was just like the media buzz. Someone over at Simply Games read some of the buzz from the media and was just like "Well let's use this to promote some sales."

Not saying the UK limit is false or anything, but you really can't believe anything you read, and this doesn't exactly prove (or disprove) anything.



SuperSilverback said:

We werent planning to get it at launch anyway. That hasnt changed yet, unless Sony unleash a barrage of launch titles at gamescon!



Squiggle55 said:

If there is a real Christmas shortage I'll be hard pressed in deciding whether or not to sell mine. If people end up paying 1000 on eBay it may be too tempting.



TOMBOY25 said:

I'll be honest when i first read the email i really didn't get the old west theme surely as its a next gen console they should have done something futuristic.

Also strange is there's no mention of xbox one's selling out, so is there more supply or less demand?



Paranoimia said:

I've had mine pre-ordered with ShopTo since after the February reveal. If that doesn't carry over to a launch day system, I'll be pretty miffed.



BarrettJChris said:

Ive got mine preordered from Gamestop and at first they were sold out. But last weekend July 27th and 28 they had a two day preorder special. So i preordered with them, canceled my preorder with bestbuy and now im patiently waiting! Man im excited for its release



Subie98 said:

Is anyone worried about the first batches reliability or curious how they will be after some use after the first 10 months to a year



BlueProxy said:

@Subie98 Understandable concern. I usually don't worry about that since there is a warranty for these big-ticket items. If it's anything major, Sony will be obligated to replace defective ones.



Subie98 said:

@BlueProxy I just didnt feel like having to mess with it. None of my ps systems have given me issues but I havent gotten first year systems, always waited 1 year. I guesss im the only one a bit leary of it.

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