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In Case You Missed It, PS Vita Firmware v2.61 Is Out Now

Posted by Sammy Barker

More stable than a Totem pole

Sony’s deployed another one of those ambiguous software stability updates for the PlayStation Vita. The mandatory v2.61 patch is available now, and is required if you want to connect to the PlayStation Network. Remember, if you’re planning to play the portable at some point in the near future, save us all the Twitter earache and get it downloaded now. Alternatively, you could turn on automatic updates if you’re a PlayStation Plus member.

The download doesn’t appear to make any changes to the system, so was presumably released as a security fix. Either way, we find that the Vita’s pretty painless to update, so this shouldn’t cause you too much anguish. And if it does, you may want to consider seeing a doctor or something – it’s only a system software patch, after all.


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3Above said:

Another day another firmware update. Well im at work so ill update it now and play Killzone Mercenary beta when I get home.



charlesnarles said:

There must be a reason for patching it. Prolly to keep people from hacking them, right? Like last week?



belmont said:

@charlesnarles Some exploits were found in some PSP Mini games that are Vita compatible that apparently were used to boot some emulators. Some of them were patched with 2.61.

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