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Here's Your First Look at Whore of the Orient, the Next Game by Team Bondi

Posted by Sammy Barker

Paris of the East

Team Bondi doesn’t do straight-forward. The Australian developer behind detective title L.A. Noire was unceremoniously dumped by Rockstar upon completion of the PlayStation 3 game. It was then supposedly snapped up by Sydney-based production house KMM, where it started work on a PlayStation 4 project named Whore of the Orient.

And the first footage of the release is embedded below, courtesy of The title – previously described by director Brendan McNamara as a "one of the great untold stories of the 20th century" – features free-running, cover-based shooting, and crowded Shanghai streets. Judging by the framerate and animations in the video, we’re assuming that the game is still incredibly early.

For a while it was thought that Warner Bros. was publishing the release, but the entertainment giant purportedly pulled out in late 2012. However, the Australian government awarded the developer a grant in June, presumably putting the project back on track. Expect more twists and turns over the coming months. Like we said, Team Bondi doesn’t do straight-forward.


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MadchesterManc said:

I hope this turns out to be good. It should do now that Rockstar aren't cracking the whip n slave driving the developers. Some of the stories that came out about LA Noire's development were a tad shocking. Whether true or not, I dont know.



Subie98 said:

I found Noire to be very boring. Was disappointed because I usually enjoy rockstars games. At the moment this looks blah.



Savino said:

Whore means what I think it means or am I completly out of context?



Savino said:

@get2sammyb wow! Thank you very much Sammy!! I love how much one can learn here!! And not only about videogames! I already improved my english and now my history knowledgement!!,

But... That's a name that they probably will have trouble to advertise!lol



rastamadeus said:

Looks like a cross between LA Noire and Sleeping Dogs. If its half as good as LA then count me in.

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