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Gran Turismo 6 Tough to Put into Gear on PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Handheld doesn't have enough juice

Sony knows that to shift a few million PlayStation Vita consoles in Europe, all it needs to do is release a version of Gran Turismo on the device. The simulation series’ PlayStation Portable entry proved as much, as despite being questioned by critics, it went on to sell a decent number of copies globally. Sadly, the platform holder reckons that getting the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 to run on the handheld will require more than a set of jump leads.

“The Vita is a very powerful portable system,” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told IGN. “But [it’s] not quite as powerful as the PS3. As you can tell from looking at Gran Turismo 6, it really is using the PS3 to a very high level. So, it’s going to be really hard to move [the game] to the Vita.”

One system that will be able to run the racing title is the PlayStation 4, as evidenced by creator Kazunori Yamauchi’s recent comments regarding a next generation release. Yoshida believes that the franchise is moving towards a “service oriented” model, making the title’s transition to new hardware “natural”.

In terms of Vita support, though, there’s nothing to announce. “I don’t expect the whole game to be able to run [on the handheld],” Yoshida reiterated. “There are no clear plans right now that we can talk about.” Would you like to play a Gran Turismo title on the Vita? Are you secretly hoping that Polyphony Digital has some kind of spin-off in production? Let us know in the comments section below.


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rjejr said:

I've never been a racing fan except for cart games but shouldnt it be easy to down res a few things from a PS3 game to get it to work on the lower res Vita screen? How much power does a racing sim need? Even THE racing sim game?



moomoo said:

It's a sim racer. Without stuff like analogue triggers, it's hard to make a good sim racer. Then there's the problem of not being able to use a wheel.

I don't know, I just don't see why I'd want this on the Vita when it would feel wrong gameplay-wise.



Ps4all said:

GT is one of my favorite games. I hope there is a vita version in production, it doesn't have to be gt6, but any GT would b OK with me.



mibtar said:

Ugh, same thing with revengeance. The Vita's already showing signs of obsolete horsepower. Specially compared to today's phones. I thought I had one hell of a machine when I bought the Vita, now just a year later it's lagging way behind my phone (at least in processor and memory). Vita's in such a bad spot, if they'd jacked up the power they'd have to jack up the price. And people would just the same be complaining. Talk about a rock and a hard place.



Strofan7 said:

@mibtar something that came up in a few discussions with the developers of MLB the show is that they have to cut features/performance because of the constraints on the vita game card, not the system's processing power. They hinted a larger game card may be in the works down the line but that for now its holding them back. I assume GT6 is having similar issues though processing power may still be in play.



Visiblemode said:

@mibtar funny thing is, the main problem with the Vita isn't it's basic horsepower, it's actually the same problem your phone has: storage:

Vita cards don't have anywhere near the space they'd need to store all the assets of these enormous games.

That said, I love the machine and so many of the amazing games that come out on it. Hell, look at Killzone Mercenary and tell me the horsepower is lacking.

Even still though, the Vita obliterates the capabilities of let's say a ps2. A system that kept us all entertained for at what point do we say a handheld is powerful enough to get a pass for not being as powerful as a 10 pound current gen home console?



Gemuarto said:

I really want something like Drive Club on PSV. Or arcade version of GT, where you have all those automoto feelings, real tracks and cars, but with easier controls.



MadchesterManc said:

I dont understand why they dont just do a GT on Vita similar to how it was on PsP n link it into GT6 so you can transfer cars n money between games. Hell id take a GT4 port at this moment in time, with it being the best one Im sure it wouldn't ruffle too many jimmies. A Motorstorm port wouldn't hurt either...



XavandSo said:

Motorstorm RC Complete Edition (for Vita) is on sale right now!

Anyway, I've been playing Gran Turismo PSP on my Vita for a couple of days, because of the aforementioned sale and it's a blast. The Vita would be perfect for a GT game/port. If a handheld from 2005 could do it, a 2012 handheld can.




Just make GT Vita, from the ground up. Surely that, rather than attempting a straight port or farming out to (albeit a great) third party developer?
We've seen what first party studios can get the Vita to do, so do it.
My phone is pretty snazzy, (Note 2) and it can run some great looking games-but it's still a phone. Since I re-acquired a Vita I only play the few really good Android games on it, and even then not often.
Not being hampered by a phone's OS and primary functions, and having buttons, keeps handhelds useful.
NFS is perfectly playable without analogue triggers, as is WipEout 2048.



Ginkgo said:

Its time that Sony put that mystery accessory port to good use and introduce attachable analog triggers (probably with extended grips), opening up the way for GT6 Vita!

Can't tell me it wouldn't sell!

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