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God of War II Director Cory Barlog Teases 'Crazy' Reveal

Posted by Sammy Barker

Has the king come home?

Put your hype in perspective – this is unlikely to be a game announcement. However, it’s still news worth anticipating. Cory Barlog, the man behind God of War II, has Tweeted that there’ll be a “crazy announcement” on the PlayStation Blog today. Our best guess? He’s returning to Sony Santa Monica.

The outspoken developer left the first-party studio a little while after the completion of the PlayStation 2 epic, and went on to enjoy short tenures at Avalanche, Crystal Dynamics, and more. Having departed the Tomb Raider studio in April, though, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s being brought back to essentially reboot the God of War franchise on the PlayStation 4.

Bruno Velazquez, an animator on God of War: Ascension, added more credence to our speculation, replying, “I wonder what it could be?” Sony has announced new staff appointments in the past, with Seth Killian’s arrival at Sony Santa Monica garnering coverage on the PlayStation Blog. We’ll find out for sure later, but we suspect that the God is about to return to his throne.


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ViciousDS said:

God of War 2 to me was epic as hell. I loved 3, but 2 I mean come on man that battle with Zeus......drools.

btw for those who don't know

Barlog was the lead animator for God of War, and was game director of God of War II, for which he won a BAFTA for his writing work on the game for SCE Santa Monica Studio. He also served as game director of God of War III for the first eight months of its development. Barlog left SCEA in November 2007 for unknown reasons. It was rumored he was working on a new project, but he did not announce where he went after Sony.

So he actually did quite a bit of work for God of War 3 as well, which I did not know.



get2sammyb said:

@ViciousDS I think he was involved in a similar capacity to the way Jaffe was with God of War II. GoWIII was still primarily Stig's baby.



SuperSilverback said:

God of War 2 is the best of the trilogy hands down. But Ghost of Sparta on psp is my favourite. The last fight with your brother helping. So awesome!

Just remembered its not a trilogy anymore! Forgot about Acension!



SuperSilverback said:

@fchinaski i actually enjoyed the hell outta Ascension, its just unfortunate that it came after GOW3. I mean, how where they meant to top that in spectacle =P



fchinaski said:

@SuperSilverback Yeah, I enjoyed it too. It's a solid game, but I don't find it memorable in any way. IMHO, it doesn't push the series forward or add something that we didn't know about Kratos as a character. But it's not at all a bad game and it is a solid entry in the series.



MadchesterManc said:

The opening level for GOW3 is still quite possibly the greatest spectacle Ive ever seen in my long years of gaming. Im mightly intrigued at the prospect of GOW on Ps4, but I doubt that is what the announcment will be



Dolphan2388 said:

Part 2 had the best ending IMO on a cliff hanger. I did enjoy ascension a lot and I feel like it had the best combat mechanics out of the series. It also had one of the most underrated multiplayer I've played this gen. If I took a guess ill say Cory is working on a smaller indie title.



SuperSilverback said:

@Dolphan2388 The combat in Ascension was top notch. Altho i didnt like that you couldnt get any weapons that you could actually keep like the other games.

Multiplayer was great fun, when it worked =/ To many times i'd be in the middle of beating some dude, lag strikes and he has me killed.



Ps4all said:

How on vita... maybe that's the "big game that's not an indie title for the Vita" Sony was talking about before e3.



SuperSilverback said:

It would be awesome if it was. But i dont know what other storys they could do with it. Unless Kratos leaves Greece, goes to Egypt and kills are the gods there =P



Ps4all said:

So.... I just read the PS blog post and he announced...... nothing. Other than the fact that he isworking on something he can't discuss.

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