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GamesCom 2013: Unbelievably, PS4 Pre-Orders Are Ahead of the PS2 and PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Console set to smash records

Sony casually confirmed that PlayStation 4 pre-orders have exceeded one million units overnight, putting the next generation system on track to be the largest PlayStation launch in history. In fact, speaking with, SCEUK’s likeable gaffer Fergal Gara admitted that the numbers are already “way over and above and beyond” the PS2 and PS3’s launch day deposits.

“We’re not disclosing the exact number [of PS4 units] that we’ll have on day one,” he said. “Clearly we’re working hard to satisfy a lot of countries. We mentioned 32 countries last night. The one comment that I’ll make about the pre-order number is that first of all, it’s greater than a million, and secondly, the UK represents a very healthy slug of that. We’re undeniably seeing a sea change.”

Gara added that getting enough units onto store shelves to satisfy demand is an undeniable issue, but that it’s a good problem to have. “I'm very, very pleased with it,” he grinned. “We will be looking at sell outs in areas. We're doing everything that we can to secure every last unit, so that we can do our very best to meet the demand as it stands for day one.”

The outspoken executive continued that the October release date rumours were nonsense. “It was always going to be November,” he said. “Yesterday there were some rumours of October, but rumours are rumours. I've never heard October mooted internally. So, we're just delighted that we're locked in for November.”

We did wonder if the release date may be a little late, but with stock likely to be limited until the New Year, we don’t really think that it matters when the PS4 deploys. Obviously we’d have preferred an earlier launch, but only because we’re desperate to get our hands on the console now. November seems so far away.


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ZeD said:

I have never been more excited for a console release than this generation coming.



InsertNameHere said:

This just proves that consoles aren't going anywhere. It can get really tiring seeing "PC is the future" on every console related post, so I'm glad that the PS4 and even the Xbone are proving that statement to be untrue.



FullbringIchigo said:

@Lelouch there will always be a call for consoles because of the ease of use and the simple plug and play nature not to mention for developers it's easier for them because they know what they have to work with and that every system is the same

also i think PC gamers re a bit insecure because most of the games they want are not on the PC and they keep hoping that console will fail so they can get them

also price has a lot to do with it i mean a PS4 cost £350 but a decent PC to play games on can cost £500+ not to mention needing to upgrade every now and then



Punished_Boss_84 said:

I hope this means what i think it means.

PS2 Like generation oh how i miss it and timesplitters and many others.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Just like digital distribution would kill CDs, right? The way we define consoles might change but I don't see them disappearing anytime soon. Besides, I doubt the big three would just sit by and let it happen.

Thats what I'm hoping for too, what with development times back down to PS1 levels and all. Time is money after all.



Ryno said:

All this tells me is resellers are purchasing multiple systems to sell on eBay.



AaronYeager said:

It comes as no surprise here. The PS4 is a fine console, well built, good price, best games, etc. All that makes it easy to pick one up. Any gamer that's looking for the best bang for your buck would choose PS4 hands down. I'll admit that Xbox One has a nice looking launch, but Sony kills them with 1st party exclusives and if you don't like what's been shown thus far then you already know it's coming.



PMasterTy9 said:

Awesome numbers for the PS4!! I am curious on how it compares to XB1 pre-order numbers. I was at a GameStop yesterday and it appears that they are trying to push XB1 pre-orders which I thought was interesting.



rjejr said:

Makes sense to me.
PS4 was too expensive and a year behind Xbox360. PS2 I think started the whole "sleep in a tent for a week to get a console" craze so I doubt "pre-orders" was as huge a phenomenon as it is now.
Or maybe Sony just capped them sooner back then



charlesnarles said:

Glad to be one of the million : D we can tell our grandchildren. No lack of love for doing things right. I seriously can't wait to hold the controller!!!!



Gamer83 said:

I'm one of thsoe people but I don't know if I'd say I'm happy about it anymore. That Gamescom press conference was the most abysmal showing from Sony since E3 2006 and it has me thinking back on 2006-2008 when the only games that kept PS3 from being a complete waste of money were Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4. I was hoping Sony learned from that but after yesterday, I'm not so sure, I can see this console taking 3 years to heat up as well and that's just not acceptable.



Visiblemode said:

@Lelouch exactly dude. Been saying for years that the "slump" in console sales was a myth due to the length of cycle. Preorders alone are proving our point.



Cloud7794 said:

@Gamer83 We know man, seriously all this negativity from you @_@ We get that you are less than satisfied with the current way of things, as you have every right to be. The thing with the games is this: If PS4 doesn't come out now, then Xbox will have the early market lead again. The best games, you will have to wait a bit, but it won't be nearly as long. Infamous, FF15, MGS5, and others I'm sure are slated for next year releases. The PS4 could have launched next year and had these as launch titles, but with that no one but Microsoft wins out.



Gamer83 said:


See I don't think I'm being negative, I'm just calling a sh*t showing exactly what it was. When Sony deserves to be praised for doing something I'll make positive comments about it, if anything I've been mostly positive over the time this website has been up and running. And the PS brand has been my favorite since I was introduced to it in 1995 so I don't like having to make the comments I have the last couple days but I'm a gamer first and not fanboy at all so I'm not going to post all good things just because this is a Sony-specific site. If anything I'm making the comments I have because I care, I want to see the PS4 be a massive success but it needs to have more than niche indie games to do so. Unlike a lot of others I don't think big AAA productions are the devil just because Sony has been sending that message lately with its 'indie initiative.' Games like Titanfall, Dead Rising, Bioshock, GTA and as much as people don't want to the acknowledge it, Call of Duty, are just as important, maybe even more so, to the success of a platform as the latest game from Drink Box Studios. Nintendo gets it, even MS gets it. Time Sony steps up and shows me more than 800 indie games, you can say all you want 'the games are coming, be patient' but that's not the way I look at it, I need to be shown something to get hyped for it. I'm not asking Sony to reveal all but something besides recycled footage of Killzone, inFamous Drive Club and Knack needs to be shown.

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