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GamesCom 2013: Relive PlayStation President Andrew House's Xbox One Jab

Posted by Push Square Staff

Sick burn

We suppose that it wouldn’t be a PlayStation press conference without a subtle dig at the competition. Sony’s been mocking Microsoft ever since SCEA president Jack Tretton raised the roof at E3 2013 with the PlayStation 4’s used game policies, so it was no real surprise to see group gaffer Andrew House take a shot at its rival’s slew of Xbox One-Eighties at GamesCom this week.

“While others have shifted their message and changed their story,” said the swaggering suit, “we were consistent in maintaining a message that is fair and in tune with consumer desires.” The comment didn’t quite result in the same rapturous applause that we saw earlier in the year, but still prompted a sharp inhale throughout the arena. To be honest, we’re not sure that these constant digs are the most professional thing in the world, but they make for great drama, don’t they?

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MadchesterManc said:

Why not have a few digs? Microsoft did more than enough of it at the start of this generation. What geos around comes around as they say



InsertNameHere said:

After Microsoft got all of the Microsheep to start up their stupid "invisible console" campaign, I'd say they deserve a little dig here and there. I'm still reeling from how stupid people are these days. I mean, why does it matter that Sony didn't show the box? They showed off a few games, so what's the problem?

What has me even more surprised is that people defended Microsoft's policies by saying "at least they showed the console." Maybe so, but they're also trying to take away your rights as consumers, you idiots!



PMasterTy9 said:

@lelouch Yeah I remember that was their only defense before E3, "well at least that showed the console". Then after E3 the microsheep were laughing at the Sony fans because we have to pay to play online now which I always say to them "umm...last time I checked you have to do the same".

The only ones who find the jabs tasteless are the Xbox fanboys who can't come up with good jabs of their own.and they don't call it a "console war" for nothing. Also, anyone remember the old Sega commercials??? The Mac vs. PC commercials??



Jaz007 said:

Who cares if it's not professional lol, I'm loving these digs. It's kind of MS's fault with the PR mess they made too.

@PMasterTy9 What make it even funnier about them talking about the paid online is that it still costs $10 less on Playsation.



InsertNameHere said:

@PMasterTy9 You should have been on Facebook after the Xbone reveal. For 3 months Xbox fanboys were calling the PS4 casual because of its social features and saying that the Xbox 720 would be better, but less than 2 days after the Xbone reveal, they were practically begging people to stop making fun of the Xbone - it was hilarious.



irken004 said:

Sony's got a point though, they did stay true to their image and values for the most part.



PMasterTy9 said:

@lelouch Actually I did see some of those comments, lol. Oh and don't forget the fanboys were making fun of the PS4's design after E3 saying it looks like a slanted PS2 which is more of a compliment if anything.

@irken004 Exactly, you got to hand it to Sony when they have a vision they stick with it, the PS3 is a great example and now the PS4 is another one.



rastamadeus said:

Personally I agree with Sammy, its unprofessional, childish and there's a worry that Sony may start to seem as arrogant as Microsoft. Would love it if it was the other way round though, see everyone calling Microsoft p****s for slagging Sony off.



Gamer83 said:

This was the worst part of the conference but it was the biggest shot Sony could fire because frankly it has f*ck all for games and its announcements were getting no response. When you have to wait 5 seconds in between everything you say and people still aren't reacting there's a problem, I guess they thought this might get another standing ovation.

While the corporate slaves are busy praising Sony for this, I look at it as something that was definitely not needed, just put out the games and let those and sales numbers speak for themselves. One thing I appreciate about Nintendo, it doesn't engage in this kind of childish nonsense.



PMasterTy9 said:

@gamer83 You can argue that taking a small jab was the right thing to do but it certainly wasn't childish. Going into Gamescom you can sort of say that both consoles are even due to Microsoft's 180s so, somebody had to shake things up and everything they said was true. Also, don't kid yourself and think Microsoft made all of the changes because of the gamers. Keep in mind that taking jabs at competitors is a part of business and the video game industry is a business. You do remember the slogan "Genesis does what Nintendon't" or when Crash Bandicoot went to Nintendo headquarters, right? It the tides were turned I would have no problem with Microsoft taking jabs at Sony.

The reason Nintendo hasn't engaged in any of this because they are not in the same league as Sony and Microsoft, they are in their own niche market.



jgrangervikings1 said:

Sony has the best nickname of the three consoles, don't you think? There's the Nintendon't. Then there's the XBox 180 or the Xbone, take your pick which is worse. And then there's the Sony Slaystation.

Sony slays the competiton once again.



SuperKMx said:

@Gamer83 This. All day, this.

Sony's conference had some highlights, but they clearly hadn't paid the crowd enough. Every other thing someone said had a 5 second pause for applause, and got nothing. The showmanship isn't needed. Care about your own business, and maybe you won't have time to take shots at other companies. House's was a poorly thought-out move designed to spark an ovation, and it didn't work. After not cutting enough or adding enough for Vita to be a value proposition, they needed more than this cheapness to get the job done.

As for labelling people as "Microsheep" and "Xbots" and whatnot. Seriously, commenters? Is it 1998 again? Are we all 12? When you pay money for a console, you don't then owe the corporation that made it anything at all. I edit Nlife's Xbox site, and I've got a Vita, PS3, Wii U and 3DS sat in my lounge, and a PS4 on preorder. When I criticise something Sony has done, or praise something Microsoft has done, am I a Microsheep? An Xbot? Or just a gamer?

Some folks need to grow up and play games, not formats. They don't own you, lads and lasses.



divinelite said:

As long as someone making fun of Wii U, Xbox One, or Psvita (the weakest link each of company) the fanboy will retaliate



MMLgamer said:

@Gamer83 "One thing I appreciate about Nintendo, it doesn't engage in this kind of childish nonsense."

Uh, yes they did.

"One of our competitors is a manufacturer in Japan who wants to capture every one of your entertainment dollars transporting all your content between all your electronic devices on THEIR memory sticks. We're not that company. And there's another company out there who doesn't care what you do as long as you do it on THEIR operating system. We're not that company either."
Reggie E3 2004



Gamer83 said:


You really think I would believe MS did all this for this gamers? I've made my feelings on that company very well known around the time of E3, none of it is flattering. I'm under no illusions about any of the big 3, each has something scummy about it and each does stuff I don't like. My comment wasn't a defense of MS, more a questioning of Sony's tactics. Sure, companies engage in this all the time, in every industry, I personally think it's ridiculous but even more so when there isn't much you should be bragging about. Sony's announcements weren't exactly tearing down the house and frankly it's got other things to worry about besides MS' 'reversals.' For example, something besides inFamous on the AAA front in 2014 would be nice. And as a Vita owner I still find the price of mem cards, particularly the 32GB, to be insulting. We were told the price cut was significant but it's still $82, a ridiculous price for such little memory in 2013.



Gamer83 said:


Had to go back 9 years to find it... Do we really want to compare how Nintendo does this compared to MS and especially Sony? Sony makes is a point to say something about MS at every single press conference now. It's old. Focus on the games, I'm not a fanboy, I'm not watching a Sony press conference to hear anything about MS, that stuff doesn't get me hyped up to play games on PS systems. What will get me hyped is games and as a nice compliment to the games, I can even get hyped for interesting non-gaming apps such as netflix or, as a sports fan, a deal with one of the major leagues out there.



artemisthemp said:

You can't say that Andrew House was wrong in Sony Policy is been fair to Consumers, since needing to pay a extra subscription to access stuff like Netflix ain't fair (Unless you ask Xbox ppl).

However Microsoft changing their Policy is just to meet the consumers demand.



PMasterTy9 said:

@Gamer83 Have there ever been any earth shattering announcements at any Sony GC conference regarding the PS3 in the past? I think some people have unrealistic expectations. Also, did Microsoft make any earth shattering announcements at GC? Another thing to think about is that console selling games can be announced at ANYTIME and that is coming from Yoshida himself. You have TGS and the VGAs coming up before the end of the year as well. I would expect to see some announcements at the VGAs. Most if not all of the studios are actively working on PS4 games. I have no issue with Sony's tactics so far and I am happy with the announcements so far. Only 2 jabs have been made towards MS one big one at E3 and a small one at GC. You do have an excellent point with the Vita and I agree.



JaxonH said:

I also find this kind of thing tasteless. If Sony wants to convince consumers to buy their products, they should do it by making the best possible products, and letting their games, hardware and policies speak for them. Same goes for MS and Nintendo. Let your games, hardware and policies do the speaking for you. I'm just not into the "Company X is better than Company Y" arguments. It fuels the fanboys...

*** Has anyone heard when that Final Fantasy X is coming to Vita? Still can't find a release date for it.



Gamer83 said:


I think my praise of Xbox One's lineup is being taken a bit out of context. I don't think it has anything Earth shattering that is going to put Microsoft where both Nintendo and Sony were at the height of each company's success but I did feel what it showed for a day-one lineup was fantastic and the best there has been since the Dreamcast which also had a great day one. It also has more AAA games announced for the first year while Sony seems content to go with niche indie games. And not knocking anyone's taste, I could be very much wrong on this and those games end up moving more PS4's than the games MS has lined up move X1s, we'll have to see. But for me, those indie games don't make up for Titan Fall, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and probably Halo, all in year one. Maybe Sony has more in the arsenal to combat that, but none has been announced yet so right now I'm seeing this gen playing out very much like last. MS has the best games early, Sony catches up later. I'm still going to get the PS4 at launch because it saves me $100 and I get the most powerful game console we've seen, certainly it has massive potential. But the PS3 was in a similar situation and it took 3 years for its potential to start being realized, that's too long and I just hope that isn't what's in store for PS4. That's my main concern, not that it won't be a great console in the long run because every PlayStation branded system to this point has been more than worth the money in the end.

But yeah, we can agree about the Vita mem cards. I will say though when I sat back and looked at what was announced about Vita overall, it was more positive than negative. The price drop on the system itself and the Borderlands 2 announcement were both great, if the memory card prices could just be sorted out, I think Vita could have a chance to carve out a nice market for itself. It'll never reach 3DS but it doesn't have to to be a success.

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