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GamesCom 2013: Music Festival Creation Game Big Fest Takes to the Stage

Posted by Katy Ellis

Scream for me, PlayStation

During its GamesCom press conference, Sony announced a music festival management and simulator title for the PlayStation Vita. Big Fest allows you to become the multimillionaire music promoter that you've always dreamed of becoming, by designing your own music festival experience, adding real-life unsigned bands to the line-up, and even placing your own smelly portaloos exactly where you want them.

The trailer also showed off the online mode, where you can check out your friends' music festivals and even co-operate or compete in a form of online play, although no details were mentioned. Big Fest looks pretty exciting, and the element of supporting real unsigned bands is really intriguing. Are you looking forward to turning your hand to a spot of rock band tycoon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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get2sammyb said:

If this is what I think it is, it's actually my favourite announcement of the show. I got the impression that this is Theme Park for music festivals. Is that right? Because if it is... SOLD. (Even though it's free.)



Sanquine said:

This was awesome:) My girlfriend was all over this:D We now have 2 vita's maybe a third is coming



Ginkgo said:

Yes, this looked good, and certainly something very different.

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