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GamesCom 2013: Gran Turismo 6 May Evolve into a Full Sequel on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Kazunori Yamauchi hasn't quite decided

Polyphony Digital has already admitted that it has a PlayStation 4 version of upcoming racing simulator Gran Turismo 6 in mind, but it may have evolved into a full sequel by the time that it parks onto the next generation platform. Speaking as part of a panel at GamesCom this week, obsessive creator Kazunori Yamauchi cautioned that whichever route the developer adopts, it may take a while for the franchise to race onto Sony’s futuristic format.

Fortunately, the current generation version of the game is not far away. The platform holder attached a 6th December release date to the racer during its press conference this week, announcing that the company will be working with a slew of high-profile manufacturers to create a catalogue of automotive concepts, which will be added to the game across a full year of online updates. While you wait to test drive those vehicles, though, you can take a tour of the title’s swish box art above.


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get2sammyb said:

@Legendaryboss Haha, I suppose it is a bit. Yamauchi insinuated that GT6 would be more or less ported to PS4, but now it sounds like he has something "bigger" in mind. I get the impression Polyphony just bumbles along and sees what happens...



darkhairwarrior said:

I actually think it's best to fill up the limit on PS3, and then GT7 will be built off of whatever PS4 version of GT6 is out there. Then when GT7 comes out, we get bigger game. A port's not a bad idea though.



Ginkgo said:

GT6 sequel on PS4? In other words it will be GT7 released in 3 years time.

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