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GamesCom 2013: Borderlands 2 Loots PlayStation Vita in 2014

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pandora's portable

Ever since Randy Pitchford hinted that a PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2 could happen with Sony’s support, gamers have been clamouring for the first-person shooter to hit the handheld. But in a move that’s more bizarre than Tiny Tina, it’s actually happening in 2014. The platform holder confirmed the port during its GamesCom press conference, promising a direct conversion of the loot-and-shoot action from the PlayStation 3 release.

“The Vita gives Borderlands 2 fans the ability to play the game anywhere they want, complete with of all the unique benefits of the Vita, and will truly bring the four-player cooperative experience to the palms of your hands,” explained product manager Adam Fletcher on the PlayStation Blog. The adaptation’s being handled by Divekick developer Iron Galaxy, while Sony’s taking on publishing duties.

With the port not due out until next year, this does seem a little behind the curve, but we suppose that the portability of the Vita will breathe new life into the original adventure. Considering the scope of the game, though, we are a little concerned how well the title will translate. Are you praying to Handsome Jack for a solid port? Let us know in the comments section below.


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NathanUC said:

Awesome game for Vita... cannot wait! As a matter of fact, I still haven't even finished it on PS3 haha.



rastamadeus said:

@irken004 I imagine it will, hence the release next year after the second lot of DLC has finished. Think this will be a Game Of the Year version and I couldn't want it more.



hYdeks said:

ohh, Borderlands is my addiction, this game will be my portable addiction next year! I hope they don't screw us over and get a rubbish port, and I hope they give people a Game of the Year Edition. By next year, having to pay for all the dlc will suck, and there will most like be a Game of the Year Edition out on the other platforms, so I hope Vita gets GOTY version as well. Also, let me import my characters from PS3 to Vita



InsertNameHere said:

Not that I don't trust Iron Galaxy, but I would feel a lot better if Blue Point were handling the port. They did a fantastic job with All-Stars and one other game which I've forgotten the name of.

As everyone else is saying, I hope that it's the GoTY edition with all of the dlc. It would piss a lot of people off if the vanilla version was being ported and they were forced to buy the dlc all over again.



Ginkgo said:

Never quite got around to it on PS3. Can't wait for it on Vita.



Bliquid said:

This is great news, i loved the first one and i was waiting for a goty of the second.
I just hope that it won't be too late.
I mean, being it released so late could make it old fir the market.



ViciousDS said:

@Lelouch I have faith in them, they did help develop tron evolution which to me was a really underrated game.....sssooo much fun.

They also developed one of the best PSP titles thats on PS plus right now Darkstalkers Resurrection

So I'm not to worried they already have portable development experience.



Epic said:

My only concern are the controls.
Borderlands 2 uses all the buttons from the DS3.
How are they gonna map missing buttons?



MadchesterManc said:

The most suprising announcement for me last night. With it not being due till sometime next year Id say they have enough time to work on the port to get it running well with decent controls. To be honest Im hoping we get the game running at native resolution. Games look so much better on Vita when they do. I have a feeling touchscreen controls will be used for inputs that are missing. MGS HD collection deos the same thing n it works quite well

@ViciousDS I really enjoyed Tron:Evolution too



Batman said:

This is fantastic news. I absolutely adore the Borderlands series and Mr Pitchford and his crew have done a lot in recent months to alienate consumers.

More announcements like this and I may be able to stomach his big lying face again!



moomoo said:

If this comes with all the DLC... You won't really need another game. So much content. If any of you Vita owners don't have this on another system yet, you'll be in for a treat. Top-notch stuff.



Visiblemode said:

@Epic not hard really. The game's controls are less demanding than most fps games imo. Like how hard would it be to tap an on screen icon for a special skill?

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