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First Image of North American 12GB PS3 Super Slim Emerges

Posted by Sammy Barker

Size doesn't matter

Those of you in North America will soon have the option to battle with hard drive space, as it looks like Sony really is bringing the 12GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim overseas. The console – which has been available in Europe for some time – had been rumoured over the weekend, but now an image of the teensy platform has emerged.

The shot – published by Engadget – shows a rogue system sitting in a Kmart stockroom. A message beneath the box lists the console’s “do not sell until” date as 18th August, which tallies with previous reports. The aforementioned speculation added that the console will retail for $199.99, which isn’t quite as inexpensive as we would have liked.

Still, expect it to be announced any moment now. Despite the obvious limitations, this cheap and cheerful model has proved pretty popular in Europe. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t play many games, then this should have you covered. And you can always upgrade the hard drive if you find that you need more space.


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Splat said:

I just feel bad for the people (more then likely parents) that have no idea how little space 12 GB's is.



ztpayne7 said:

@Splat I agree. I mean, at that price, the 12 gb is practically useless to people. I'd see this as an attractive option when the ps4 came out if it was like...$129.99



get2sammyb said:

While it's not particularly useful for the likes of us, for people planning to play just CoD or FIFA every year, it's perfectly fine.



Savino said:

As much as I doubt there's always people who never download anything..



Splat said:

Skyrim takes 5 GB's even with the disc and the new GTA will take 8. Even if you never download a thing 12 GB's will be gone in no time.



hYdeks said:

well, its slightly better option than a measly 4gb for a 360 Great console if someone doesn't own a ps3 yet.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Can't really see this as a good deal unless your the type who usually plays only one or two games at a time, or want it mainly for digital only and PS1/PS2 games.

Although I guess if none of the bundles appeal to you buying a $200 console and popping in a bigger harddrive would be a smart choice.



AaronYeager said:

I guess 12GB isn't so unusual, 360 has one with 4GB and the Wii U is supposedly a next gen console and only has options of 8 and 32. I agree though that $200 is too much for a measly 12 GB's. It's almost like these console manufactures doesn't realize just how much people factor in hard drive space when looking at price.

As sad as it is to say I believe it all started with ipod and iphone. In the beginning 8 GB seemed like a lot, until your music library grew and you started to realize 8 GB is really nothing at all. Years later when you through in apps, movies, games and music altogether even 64GB is starting to look like childs play. It looks even worse on a console that is meant to be the entertainment hub for your living room, but hey it worked for the 360 which in my opinion is the biggest reason it sold as good as it did; because it kept the price noticeably lower than PS3.



grenworthshero said:

I never download games, so this wouldn't be that big of a deal to me, but there are HUGE games like MGS4 that take up 9 GB by themselves just in game data. I could never survive with this now, though, since I have PS Plus and 30 disc-based games



Epic said:

If installing game disc data and patches weren't an issue these would be great but that's not the case.
and guys you don't need to install anything on a 360 except for patches no disc data so that's why its kinda enough for basic gaming needs.



rjejr said:

Iwata will probably be happy to see these on store shelves in the US, but $199 is still way less than $349.

I upgraded my 80 to 500. I dont really need 500, never got more than half full, but 250 is still a lot more than 80. Or 12. Or the 32 in my Wii U. Though Im hopeing 32 is enough if I never buy a retail game, which I never do.

MLB 13 on PS3 has a choice of 5 or 10. I think 12 will be tight even for casuals playing Disney Infinity and Skylanders. Maybe for people who want a $200 bluray player with Netflix?

It cant be $200 at Xmas, thats what the 500 will be. Maybe $149 for people who want a 2nd in their bedroom?



charlesnarles said:

Mass Effect Trilogy was 30 some-odd gigs, plus the OS takes up some room. I've definitely seen a single game over 12... Although the new design with a tb or two hdd for $80 more wouldn't be a bad setup... Why can't you just buy a hdd-less shell and put in whatever size you want?



Gamer83 said:

I guess it's a good deal for the person who ony plays CoD, but I could never imagine getting by with less than 160GB and hell even that isn't practical these days.



Ristar42 said:

I bought this version in Europe, it was so cheap when I bought it around December, then I just added a larger hard drive.



Subie98 said:

@3Above that's because its cheaper long term that way because the previous 360 hard drives work on them. A 250gb is 70ish bucks. You saved quite a bit and with tax and still are cheaper than the 299 sticker price.

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