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Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Let You Transfer Your Multiplayer Profile to PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

You'll also be able to play as a woman

Activision’s come up with a cunning solution for the pesky next generation transition: allow you to transfer your profiles between systems. The multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Ghosts will let you move your data between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with ease. You won’t, however, be able to transfer your information between different console brands.

The snippet was revealed as part of a massive multiplayer unveiling earlier today, which also confirmed that the game will allow you to play as female soldiers. It’s the first time that women have been playable in the multiplayer component of the blockbuster series, though a lady was playable in PlayStation 2 spin-off, Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

In addition to the usual mixture of first-person fun, the Infinity Ward sequel will include a couple of new gameplay modes. Cranked will see your abilities buffed for every kill that you net, but will also find you strapped with a countdown. Fail to get a kill before it ticks to zero, and your body will explode. High stakes, huh?

Meanwhile, Search and Rescue is a team-based mode that will allow downed players to be revived. Those killed will drop a tag, but if a teammate snags it, that player will be resurrected. On the other hand, if an enemy picks it up, the unlucky player will die. We suppose it adds a touch of SOCOM to the traditionally mindless action.

Other tweaks include a larger roster of perks – which are now balanced using points – as well as more than 20 killstreaks. Unsurprisingly, trusted attack dog Riley will feature in one of those. There’ll be no deathstreaks this time around, and the developer’s made of point of keeping air-based killstreaks to a minimum.

You can check out a good three minutes of the mode in action below. The trailer features a previously unreleased Eminem song, which proves that it’s, er, legit. The new modes sound solid, the profile transition features seem smart, and the gameplay looks as enjoyable as ever – but, aside from the introduction of female character models, it's all pretty predictable, isn't it?


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irken004 said:

This footage doesn't really look like it was from their next-gen engines, probably 360 footage?



get2sammyb said:

@irken004 Hard to tell. I think we have to accept the fact that the so-called "next-gen" engine probably isn't going to look that hot.



Matt_Berial said:

They aren't using a new engine, they are using the old one that they have had but just updated. I'm not very impressed with Ghosts though. The only thing that I like about Ghosts that they are doing is how the environment reacts to the sounds of explosions and gun shots.



InsertNameHere said:

Not even remotely interested in the franchise, but I'm glad that the transition will be made painless for those who have to settle with the current gen version for a while - not that the next gen version looks much better.



rastamadeus said:

In all of the crap tonight was there anything of a split screen mode? Of Special Ops? Survival? Chaos? They're the only reason I've bought the last two Infinity Mode COD games.



longshot28 said:

I wasn't impressed with the reveal, it looks like every other CoD with a couple of new bells and whistles.



PMasterTy9 said:

This is an awesome feature and they have made a lot of changes to the game. I'm not a big COD fan but I do want to play this one.



Ginkgo said:

Honestly, people like familiar. They don't want revolutionary changes to the games they love. They want it to feel like an old pair of jeans, with just enough tweaks to make it refreshing. If they completely revamped it everyone would scream blue murder, just ask Dante.



UNC5052 said:

Anyone know of a good way to stop my ears from bleeding? Anyway, it still doesn't look very impressive, so I will be sticking with BF4. I'll probably only get the PS4 version, but it will also share the multiplayer stats between PS3 and PS4.



Jafer said:

@rastamadeus There sure is. It's called squads mode and it features survival-esque game modes as well as co-op multiplayer against/with AI-controlled players. It's actually quite a robust game mode.



SuperSilverback said:

Its taken them 5 years to add features that should have been in the games 4 years ago.

Ground Breaking



rastamadeus said:

@Jafer Had a wee look at the video (it wouldn't work at all for me last night) and although Squads looks like it could be what I'm after, it seems to just be online co-op. They said you can play it offline with your squad, but never mentioned whether it can be done with a second player in split screen. Not interested in the slightest in the story mode or going online (thanks to there being too many morons who take it far too seriously and think anyone who doesn't is scum and deserving of racial or sexual abuse) so I'm still unsure whether to pick it up or not. Hopefully it'll become clear soon.

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