Activision’s come up with a cunning solution for the pesky next generation transition: allow you to transfer your profiles between systems. The multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Ghosts will let you move your data between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with ease. You won’t, however, be able to transfer your information between different console brands.

The snippet was revealed as part of a massive multiplayer unveiling earlier today, which also confirmed that the game will allow you to play as female soldiers. It’s the first time that women have been playable in the multiplayer component of the blockbuster series, though a lady was playable in PlayStation 2 spin-off, Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

In addition to the usual mixture of first-person fun, the Infinity Ward sequel will include a couple of new gameplay modes. Cranked will see your abilities buffed for every kill that you net, but will also find you strapped with a countdown. Fail to get a kill before it ticks to zero, and your body will explode. High stakes, huh?

Meanwhile, Search and Rescue is a team-based mode that will allow downed players to be revived. Those killed will drop a tag, but if a teammate snags it, that player will be resurrected. On the other hand, if an enemy picks it up, the unlucky player will die. We suppose it adds a touch of SOCOM to the traditionally mindless action.

Other tweaks include a larger roster of perks – which are now balanced using points – as well as more than 20 killstreaks. Unsurprisingly, trusted attack dog Riley will feature in one of those. There’ll be no deathstreaks this time around, and the developer’s made of point of keeping air-based killstreaks to a minimum.

You can check out a good three minutes of the mode in action below. The trailer features a previously unreleased Eminem song, which proves that it’s, er, legit. The new modes sound solid, the profile transition features seem smart, and the gameplay looks as enjoyable as ever – but, aside from the introduction of female character models, it's all pretty predictable, isn't it?