Japanese games can be strange at the best of times, but Aksys’ upcoming dating title Sweet Fuse: At Your Side really takes the cookie. The release – which is due out on the PlayStation Portable next month – sees you assume the role of legendary developer Keiji Inafune’s niece. Having got out of the video game business, the Mega Man and Soul Sacrifice creator decides to open an amusement park – but the launch party is obstructed by a malevolent pig who takes all of the attendees hostage. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Playing as Saki Inafune, you, along with “seven sexy men”, must halt the hog’s evil plans, and free your uncle from the disgruntled boar and his band of merry henchmen. The big question is: which “steamy bachelor” will you choose along the way? The full game will feature fourteen different endings, presumably related to each of the hunky stars. For as strange as this sounds, though, it isn’t Inafune’s weirdest video game cameo.

[via siliconera.com]