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This Is What Kaz Hirai's Been Up to Over the Past 12 Months

Posted by Sammy Barker

Smiles and suits

Since stepping into the big office at Sony Corp, Kaz Hirai’s presence has been diminished across the gaming division. The former PlayStation president now has much bigger fish to fry than petty console disputes, such as the health of a stumbling corporation. Fortunately, the executive’s not been wasting his time playing Ridge Racer over the past 12 months.

In the video below, the likeable businessman outlines some of his efforts to turn the company around, including visiting the firm’s global divisions, speaking with consumers, and pushing the ideal of a unified organisation. For as cheesy as the footage is, Hirai does inspire confidence that he knows what he’s doing – and that’s evidenced by the fact that Sony actually turned a profit for the first time in eons earlier this year.


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MaxaMod said:

''One Sony" good to know that he has no intention to divide the company



get2sammyb said:

@MaxaMod Yeah, this has been Hirai's mantra since he got the job, so that proposal never seemed like it was going to get the nod. We're already starting to see the fruits of the initiative actually - I suspect that Sony Pictures' presence during E3 was Hirai's handiwork.



charlesnarles said:

heh heh he's got the politician's polite/reassuring half-thumbs-up thing down. "Hooome of the oriiiiiginal kiiitten miittens." Sony made money? Yay. I just bought Sony headphones and they're perfect. Just monopolize the market already, please



artemisthemp said:

I have own many Laptop and most of them have shown issues expect for Sony Laptop, which still works, but sadly have it's charging port broken

Wish google would choose Sony as partner for next Nexus, so I finally can buy a Smartphone from Sony.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Heres hoping Kaz has what it takes to turn things around. Its disappointing seeing Sony where they're at knowing how things used to be. On the bright side they seem to be doing everything right with the PS4 so far and are off to a good start.



BlueProxy said:

Really glad that Kaz is leading on a much larger scale now at Sony. He's actually talking to the employees and partners to find the issues, instead of a few major players making decisions in room. I figured the merging of the Sony passwords, and music accounts into one were part of his doing.



NathanUC said:

I'd like to think in the last year Sony has went back to it's roots as leaders of technology. For many applications, I feel that Sony products are the best for the money. On a daily basis, I use the following Sony products: 55" 3d Bravia (forgot model number), 24" 3D PlayStation Dispaly, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, 7.2 hometheater system, Sony floor standing speakers (L,R), Sony bookshelf speakers (SR, SL, RR, RL), Xperia Tablet Z, Sony Action Cam for my YouTube channel, and a couple year old Vaio laptop. I've never bought a product "because it's a Sony"; I buy them for the quality and price. In the 90s Sony and top of the line electronics went hand in hand. It looks like his is becoming the case again.



MadchesterManc said:

@nathanuc1988 Ill agree with you on that point. Its good to see Sony going back to its roots of being both technically profiecent and stylish/sleek. Although I am a bit guilty of brand loyalty when it comes to Sony's Walkman products. Since I had an original Walkman as a kid Ive always stuck to their portable audio hardware. Im still using a 2GB Walkman DAP thats a few years old simply because the audio output is still stellar (tried an Ipod last year and was left unimpressed) Ill upgrade it soon, but it'll more than likely be to another Walkman branded product. I do miss the Walkman phone line-up SE used to do I guess im guilty of buying something 'because it's a Sony Walkman' lol Still, the brand loyalty is deserved there



Savino said:

I am the only one who thinks "how?!" when Kaz says that sony was not profible for years and only now their eletronics will become profitable again...

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