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Tekken Revolution's New Fighter Couldn't Be More Predictable

Posted by Sammy Barker

The blood is the life

The path to success apparently includes underdressed females with fangs. We’re not prudes, but we can’t help but feel let down by Tekken Revolution’s latest fighter. The character – the culmination of a poll on the franchise’s Facebook page – is currently dubbed ‘Female Vampire’, and represents a lady with roses around her ankles and horns. Who buried creativity in the back garden?

In truth, the blame doesn’t really lie at Namco Bandai’s feet. As already alluded, this is the result of a fan vote, in which other proposed protagonists included a ‘Giant Praying Mantis’. Incredibly, the insect finished right at the bottom of the poll, behind ‘Sexy Zombie Bride’ and ‘Sexy Female Tekken Force’. Sigh.

The new blood sucking brawler will be added to the free-to-play release’s roster later this year. The publisher’s also planning a significant update imminently (today in Europe), which will include a practice mode, new playable characters, and more.


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MadchesterManc said:

Id have preffered a giant Praying Mantis in all honesty. Would have been worth a chuckle. I suppose this is what happens when you host a poll on Facebook. Could they have expected anything other than this result?



get2sammyb said:

@MadchesterManc Personally, I thought a giant bloody insect would have fared better than another "hot" lady character. It's not like Tekken is in short supply of sexy virtual females...



MadchesterManc said:

@get2sammyb Maybe the fans wanna turn it into a DOA ripoff n just have wall-to-wall honeys with jiggly breasts lol I cant beleive they actually used Facebook for the poll. A poll on thier website would yield a better result. My brother uses Facebook, thats how bad the crowd is on that website lol I think we should just do away with these kind of fighters n harrass Sony into doing a reebot of War of the Monsters. We'll get our Praying Mantis then!



InsertNameHere said:

Why didn't I hear about this poll? Eh, I would have voted for vampire anyway, if only for my love of True Blood.

I'm just glad the game is getting new characters, because the roster is incredibly lackluster at the moment - Hopefully Nina, Yoshimitsu, Lei Wulong, Hwaorang and Eddie make their way into the game.



get2sammyb said:

@Lelouch Lili is all that's ever needed... <3

Seriously, though, Hwoarang and Dragunov are being added today I believe.



rastamadeus said:

Majority of people on the internet though are idiots. Just look at the morons who voted a plane the most popular character Level 5 have ever created in a poll they recently ran.



ShogunRok said:

I remember the days when Yoshimitsu was the only 'weird' character choice. Now we have waaaaay too many. Amnesiac deadly robot girl? Vampire girl? We're getting to the point where there are almost as many daft characters as there are serious ones. Sort of ruins the balance, I think.



WCamicase said:

I voted for her not for being a female character but for the fact that she seemed the best one of the list.
Come on, a Mantis? what about the fish that didn't do jack sh*t
Come on guys, at least she looks like a character that could have a pretty awesome move set, as she is a vampire, she could have some new elements mixed in



WCamicase said:

@ShogunRok Don't forget that we also had Devil from the very start, this isn't a game that is supposed to be realistic, it always had these fantasy elements



AceSpadeS said:

Ignoring the lack of covering clothing on the character, the concept art does show some interesting things that would have been nice as an outfit for an already present character, such as the horns, detached sleeves, and rose accents. I could see some interesting specials based around weaponizing the roses, actually...

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