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Sony's Indie Support 'Lives Up to the Hype, and Then Some'

Posted by Sammy Barker

Liege developer impressed with platform holder

Sony’s aggressive pursuit of indie outfits has been in force for some time now, and the positive word of mouth surrounding the platform holder is beginning to encourage some smaller studios to actively approach the Japanese giant. One such developer is John Rhee, who decided to reach out to the PlayStation maker following the early success of his Kickstarter campaign for Liege.

“Ever since I was a kid, consoles were something that only big, established teams could do,” the one-man production shop told us in an exclusive interview. “But after I started hearing about Sony's recent support for indie developers, some supporters pointed me down the right path. I reached out, and they've been incredibly responsive.”

Rhee confirmed earlier in the week that Liege will be expanding to the PlayStation 4 and Vita should it garner enough financial support. And according to the ambitious developer, collaborating with the manufacturer has exceeded his expectations. “I really thought that working with Sony would be like working with a giant, faceless corporation, but it's been exactly the opposite,” he beamed.

Due to the timed nature of Rhee’s requirements, the platform holder worked hard to fast-track approval for the story-driven RPG. “They've been working with me on a really personal level, and have gone way above and beyond to push things through with our limited fund-raising window in mind,” he added. “They've really lived up to the hype, and then some. “

The developer concluded that releasing Liege on the PS4 and Vita would be amazing. “It'd be a dream come true,” he grinned. “The thought of being on the same platform as the next Final Fantasy still feels pretty crazy to me. A part of me still doesn't believe it.” You can read the rest of our interview with Rhee through here.

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acdramon said:

Great to hear from a lesser known indie developer that Sony's approach is still worthwhile.



Hokage17 said:

This is a prime example of why I support Sony. They're really excelling in the small areas. It's not always about the big things, sometimes the smaller things matter more and could eventually turn into a really big thing. When it comes to indies this is one area in particular where Sony has truly distanced themselves from Microsoft and I think in the end it will pay dividends for them. It seems Sony is pushing their platform to be the go to device for all games both large and small. while Microsoft is focused only on large games. I think Sony has the better concept of the 2. More variety equals more options both in terms of cost and fun.




Good stuff. Between the indie push and seeming pick up of bigger publishers taking interest and PS4, I'd say that the Vita can be considered 'saved' at this point.

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