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Rumour: If You Don't Pre-Order Your PS4 Soon, You May Miss Out

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony to introduce deadline in the UK

Sony is set to introduce a pre-order deadline for the PlayStation 4 in the UK, according to retail sources speaking with CVG. The site reports that any purchases placed beyond 5th August may not secure you a system at launch. If accurate, it means that you’ve got less than a week to put a deposit down on your console if you want to get one on release day.

The publication notes that you’ll still be able to pre-order after the aforementioned date, but your request will be pushed to the back of the queue. With demand expected to seriously outstrip supply, it’s possible that your order may not be fulfilled until stock is fully replenished. That could mean waiting until after Christmas.

The outlet adds that stores have been promised additional units for general sale on day one, so you may still have an opportunity to get a console if you don’t pre-order. We suspect that you’ll have to battle your way to the checkout to secure those scant wild consoles, though. Sadly, the platform holder has refused to comment.

Regardless, if you haven’t already requested your system, this should put the wind in your sails. It’s becoming increasingly clear that numbers are going to be limited this year, and with stocks starting to run dry, you’re in danger of running out of time. If you want to be playing Killzone: Shadow Fall this, er, fall, you know what you need to do.


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ViciousDS said:

extra units day one? OMG I totally am expecting an october launch announcement at would blow Xbox One away since Microsoft is already behind on production and rushing to get units available. Go in on black friday and see parents buying PS4's left and right for their child that wants killzone or Knack this holiday season lol.



Hollgburg1 said:

I don't know where you get the information that Microsoft are behind with production, when statistics are showing they are shipping 3 Xbox One consoles to every 1 PS4. Note that shipping does not mean sales. But your assumption they are behind on production is wrong. Microsofts production and logistics leave Sonys far behind.

Both consoles will be great. Without Microsofts Xbox, Sony would have introduced the DRM Microsoft got rid of because Sony filed a similar patent years ago. Competition stops inflated prices and low quality consoles, so your glee Microsoft are behind and the fans looking for Microsoft to fail are just cutting off their own nose to spite their face.

We need both consoles to be successful.



Lukos said:

@Hollgburg1 I don't know where you got the info that Microsoft is shipping ANYTHING. The consoles haven't launched yet. What "statistics are showing?" Are you talking about the media articles about that one analyst? No statistics have been published yet. There's also a difference between shipping and production. COULD they outship the PS4? Sure, if enough people order it (which "statistics show" is not happening at the moment), they can--but they have to produce the consoles first.

His allegation isn't without foundation. There are still rumors that the innards of the Xbone will be changed, and Microsoft still seems to be changing things around in the way of policies and accessories and features. Sounds like they're behind on something to me.

It's odd to speculate that Sony would have introduced Microsoft's DRM policies if Xbox weren't around. It isn't impossible, and I'm sure the gaming world would be entirely different right now had Microsoft not started Xbox back in PS2 days, but I'm giving them no awards for it. They didn't come into the gaming world with a "Let's form competition to save the industry! " mindset. They came to it as a business, and they did well.

I agree with you about competition, and I agree with you that the console industry needs Microsoft and Sony (or at the very least, two major parties) to further that competition. I agree that we need both consoles to be successful. That said, I'm a PlayStation fan. I want Microsoft to succeed. The industry needs them to, but even so, PlayStation has worked hard and done everything right so far and I'm really rooting for them. I feel that this time around, they really deserve the crown. It's perfectly normal to support your favorite brand (though not to the extent of some fanboys), and to want your favorite to beat the competition, but @ViciousDS didn't say anything about wanting Microsoft to fail.

Further, he's right. A late October/early November launch makes perfect sense for Sony at this point. It will get PS4 in peoples' minds long before Xbox is there, it will allow them to ship consoles and refresh the supply before Black Friday comes around, and further their early advantage. Whether we like this or hate this, that's definitely an option that makes a lot of sense for them.

Further, maybe a win for PlayStation might calm some of the rabid fanboys down. It might show them, at least a little, what many knew all along: that both consoles can shine.

Microsoft is still getting it together. There's a rumor of an Xbone "reintroduction" at Gamescom, and I hope they are successful going forward. Despite Microsoft's scrambling, Xbox One, as it is now, seems on paper like a very solid machine. Even so, I'm still hoping that PlayStation wins the US market over this time around--and so far, they seem to have done just that.



charlesnarles said:

GaneStop told me first or second week of November but maybe that's just for NA. It's rad that there's so much interest, maybe we'll need the 2000 friend spots.

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