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PaRappa the Rapper Is Making a Clothing Comeback

Posted by Sammy Barker

You gotta believe it

Fashion label Insert Coin recently announced a partnership with PlayStation – and it’s launching the initiative with a fresh selection of threads based on PSone classic PaRappa the Rapper. You’ll be able to show your fondness for the freestyling hound with a replica of the character’s customary orange beanie, a similarly styled tee, and a Master Chop Chop shirt. It’s all in the mind.

The special edition set will be available to pre-order next month from the Insert Coin store. Will you be kicking and punching your way to the front of the queue? Let us know in the comments section below.


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jer18 said:

Yes! The man with the master plan, are you the man now? Here we go now!



AaronYeager said:

I think Parappa the Rapper would make a great game for PS Eye and could easily move some units.

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