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Grand Theft Auto 5's Recent Trailer Was Running on PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony's system powering sandbox smash

We were too busy being bowled over by the promise of the BAWSAQ stock exchange in Grand Theft Auto V’s recent trailer to look for button prompts, but fortunately Rockstar Games has revealed that the footage was captured entirely from the PlayStation 3 version. Earlier in the year, a slew of previews mentioned that the title was running on Sony’s system.

We suspect that the platform holder may have a partnership with the publisher, as it announced a custom Pulse headset for the game at E3 last month. Don’t be surprised if the PS3 edition of the release ends up with some kind of exclusive content – even if it's just a couple of custom costumes or car liveries.


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devperson said:

I cannot comprehend how this has been achieved on such old hardware. I really hope this is representative of how smoothly it will run in reality and intrigued to know what res it is rendering at before being upscaled. I can only conclude that Rockstar are magicians.



rjejr said:

I think this website needs a 2013 comparison chart for PS3/PS4.

Last of US
Beyond 2 Souls

inFamous 2nd Son

All these mutilplats are a tie: AC4, Watch_Dogs, Lego Marvel, Diablo 3, Battlefield 4, CoD Ghost, Skylanders etc. (Destiny is 2014, doesn't count)

Disney Infinity is an oddball as I can't find it listed for PS4 anywhere but I can't imagine they would skip it. Guess the Aug release is messing them up, especially since they were ready to release it in June but Walmart wouldn't let them.

PS3 is currently in 80 million homes (I know the last official number is 77 mil but that's before Last of Us came out and before E3 and graduation gift sales so I think 80 is a nice round number that's probably closer to accurate) so enough people might be ready to upgrade and buy a PS4.

If Sony lowers the PS3 MSRP to $199 (it's been that price at retail the last 2 holiday shopping seasons in the US) they won't be doing the PS4 any favors.

If I'm Sony I think it's time for less PS3 news and more PS4.



Splat said:

"PS3 is currently in 80 million homes."

And the PS4 is in zero homes. Which is why it's safer for developers to put games on current gen systems in till next gen get's going.

I understand that people want more PS4 games but developers aren't going to drop this gen over night and I don't think they should.



ShogunRok said:

@Splat That's the gist of it, yeah. We'll no doubt see a lot of crossover in the next couple of years though - 2014 will no doubt have a lot of cross-gen games as well. It'll be a slow transition.

If Sony's plan for streaming old games actually comes through, it would give PS4 a massive advantage - I'm sure a lot of potential buyers would feel more at ease to have some form of backwards compatibility.



uchinakagema said:

I still don't understand why they don't put it on the digital market for the PS4 or Xbox one. It won't cost them that many resources.

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