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Get your Daily Dose of Nonsense with Another Lightning Returns Trailer

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Here we go again

Just when you thought that Lightning couldn't get any more melodramatic this week, Square Enix has released yet another trailer – this time in an attempt to detail some of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's spiralling story arc.

Keep your eyes peeled and you'll see cameos from some of your favourite – or not so favourite – characters, like Fang, Noel, and even Snow, who now appears to be sporting a surprisingly normal haircut. Oh, and Hope's in there too, unfortunately. If you've somehow managed to keep up with the lore surrounding the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, then feel free to flaunt your knowledge in the comments section below. We are not worthy.

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Confused_Dude said:

As another, slightly more popular Square Enix character might say:

"I never asked for this."



3Above said:

Nonsense is right. 13's story was at least pretty straight forward. Then 13-2 came along and destroyed all sense and reason and 13-3 (I refuse to call it LR FF13 ) has gone off the deep end. This is not what I envisioned back in 2006 when they announced the fabula nova crystallis compilation.



JavierYHL said:

i am a big fan of FF series will get this to finished the collection...i need FF6 remake man square enix...



artemisthemp said:

One day the light touch me :P
Square Enix you really know how to talk about Adult stuff :)

Anyway where is my Vanille?



ViciousDS said:

@artemisthemp yup, I'm a big vanille fan.....which my buddy keeps calling me a pedo for..........i kindly respond back dude shes 19 lolololol.



MadchesterManc said:

I think im one of the few people on this whole planet who loved lightning in FFXIII. To be honest I didnt think much of the game though lol was weak compared to previous efforts. FFXIII-2 didnt do much to alleviate my woes either n seemed a little convoluted plus there wasn't as much lightning as I hoped :( Considering this is all about lightning you'd think Id be all over this, but alas, Im not really that interested. This FFXIII story arc has been the only Final Fantasy Ive had this generation n Im just not interested anymore SquareEnix



FullbringIchigo said:

why is Hope younger than in XIII-2?, how the hell if Fang there and if shes there then wheres Vanille? also who is the girl who looks like Serah? and why is Noel fighting Lightning?

aghh so many questions

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