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Check Your Inboxes, Killzone: Mercenary Beta Codes Are Go

Posted by Sammy Barker

Keep calm and slaughter some Higs

If you’re reading this, you’re doing it wrong. We’re all for decreasing so-called bounce rates and increasing reader retention (those of you in the business will understand), but right now the only thing on your screen should be your email inbox. Sony has confirmed that it’s currently deploying Killzone: Mercenary beta codes – and we suspect that you’ll want to check whether you’ve obtained access.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out, because the platform holder will be opening a public beta in the very near future. “Open betas are a good way for the development team to really test the servers to make sure that they are ready for launch,” explained coordinator Alex Burrow on the PlayStation Blog. “And of course, you get to have a taste of the multiplayer mode before the game is released.” Who can argue with that?

We recently got our hands on Killzone: Mercenary’s single player campaign, and came away more smitten with it than a kitten in a Helghast helmet. You can read our thoughts through here. And don’t forget to let us know if you got beta access in the comments section below.

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UNC5052 said:

First impressions are extremely positive. I played the free for all on Inlet and am about to start a match on Zenith. The multiplayer graphics still look great; probably even better than Killzone 2. The game handles well, and the map that I played was good.



get2sammyb said:

@UNC5052 Awesome. Feel free to keep sharing your thoughts - I'm sure others on the site would really appreciate your feedback!




I have no code, but I had one for LBP, can't win em all sadly.
Glad the first reports are positive.



UNC5052 said:

Zenith was great too! Both maps focus a lot on vertical gameplay, which adds a lot more strategy. There seems to be a lot of upgrades that you can get from the cash you earn. The beta has sold me on a preorder.



get2sammyb said:

@UNC5052 Awesome news! Glad it's holding up. How's the matchmaking? Does it work like Call of Duty, where it rotates maps in a single lobby and filters new players in?



irken004 said:

No code either though I have my "first wave" beta access from PSHome E3 >:[ which doesn't take effect until the open beta in late august! Weird.



UNC5052 said:

@Sammy I think that is how it works. I normally play Battlefield and just briefly played COD BO Declassified and MW3 but the matchmaking seems to be more like COD with a host and no dedicated servers. I didn't really look at the screen between matches as I was typing my impressions here, but it seemed to be a single lobby because some of the same players were on both matches.



Azikira said:

No luck here either. That surprises me honestly, I get an invite to practically -every- Beta Playstation has, even gotten invited to ones I never signed up for.



Goro said:

You must be my opposite...which would make more sense if i got the Killzone Mercenary Beta key =D



Sanquine said:

Man i would gladly pay for a beta key. I love killzone favorite shooter all time. Sons and daughters of helghan once more...



Ringten said:


lol, if you say so

Seriously though, I would like a code. Fairest way IMO would be to give it to me, jk why don't you randomly pick someone. And with randomly I mean me



get2sammyb said:

Chill out, guys. It's @TOMBOY25's code - he can do with it as he pleases. Remember, the public beta will be open soon. And there's a good chance that Sony may let more people into the beta over the coming days.



Goro said:

Soon? you mean 3 weeks...i won't make it that long Mercenaryless



Gemuarto said:

No code =(... pfff.... I was playing Killzone 3 Multiplayer a lot. And Beat platinum out of Killzone HD... GRRRRRRR!!! SONY, Give me the code!!!



TOMBOY25 said:

@TOMBOY25 okay so in all fairness @KALofKRYPTON is the longest registered member who is currently after the code so i think its fair it goes to him - Kal post your psn id and i'll send the code.



Goro said:

Is the code for EU TOMBOY? If so, Please make me your second choice if KAL doesn't respond...



Ps4all said:

@get2sammyb Ive been on for a few hours, its pretty awesome. Warzone is a ton of fun, but the controls take a little getting used to on the smaller analog sticks. I have the trigger grip on the vita which is helpful. The maps are larger than I expected. The buying of new equipment is cool too, they put certain upgrades on sale from time to time.



TOMBOY25 said:

@get2sammyb makes me feel like a b*****d when i have to choose just one lol, but i think i used the best method, that was fair anyway.



TOMBOY25 said:


heres the beta phase info

Test Nights

  1 Thur 1st August 8-10pm BST/AEST/NZST  
2 Sun 4th August  8-10pm BST/AEST/NZST   Mercenary Warfare
3  Tuesday 6th August 8-10pm BST/AEST/NZST   Warzone 
  4 Thursday 8th August 8-10pm BST/AEST/NZST    Mercenary Warfare
  5 Sunday 11th August 8-10pm BST/AEST/NZST   Warzone 



SuperSilverback said:

The KZ facebook page will be giving out more codes tomorrow. Dont know about emails.

Some d**k on the eu ps blog got a code and doesnt have a vita and he wont give it to anyone.



SuperSilverback said:

Just the Official Killzone page. They might do it on the offical Killzone twitter aswell, not to sure on that.



Goro said:

He probably doesn't even have a Vita, man i really hope they send out more codes tomorrow, **Adds KZ FB + Twitter to favourites***



Luz1978 said:

My first beta code! Game looks and feels good for a vita shooter, I don't like the touch screen knife technique. But overall so far this game shows CoD how multiplayer fps should be on vita. So glad a game like this is finally on the vita. Only played 4-5 games so far but really enjoying it.




Well, got in an hour or so just now.

It's nice that I'm in no way, shape or form disappointed!

We've all had high hopes for Mercenary, and on the two maps I've been playing Warzone on, those hopes are realised to excellent effect.

It looks just lovely, it feels like Killzone, sounds like Killzone and runs smoothly.

If you've played Declassified or Burning Skies then expect the same experience with the sticks, takes a few moments of getting used to, and for me, ramping up the sensitively another quarter, but the weighty feel of KZ is still apparent.
The controls on the whole are actually great, apart from melee and vanguard stuff it seems everything else has a button input. No major bugs in gameplay either, though I have 'fallen through the floor' on dying several times.
Load times are fair, respawning back in to the game is as quick as tapping your loadout-and as mentioned before, maps are a lot of fun, nice designs and just big enough for a wander but never too far from a kill.

It's a much, much nicer experience all round than COD and Resistance online-where I always felt like the game was about to break in some way. Mercenary just works as you'd want it to.

I didn't do fantastically well, but certainly got better as I played-single player is going to rock on this thing!

All in all, stay hyped, preorder, Killzone is on Vita and in fantastic style.

As I've put before, if I get a code mailed to me then I'll give it up here.



KAKASHl said:

Jeez , I didn't get anything in my mail. anyone got a spare code? my PSN: Scorcherr



Ps4all said:

@KAKASHl The maps are a nice mix of open spaces and tight corridors leading to different play styles.I am enjoying it.




@TOMBOY25 I'd say it's a 30 target but not locked, only really noticed a drop when getting meleed, it's certainly completely playable.

@KAKASHI as loca says, good mix of open areas and tighter spaces.
They look very good, and there's plenty of scope for different styles of play, looking forward to trying some team based games.




@lvnlavitaloca Yeah, I've been playing Warzone mostly- it's really good-have my second loadout option now too, so won't totally have to commit to new stuff!
Really enjoying the game, best mp I've played for a while outside of Black Ops 2.



SuperROBO-1 said:

Hey guys, Im really desperate for a code... Im such a passionate gamer and I really want to be apart of the crowd. If you have a spare, message me at SuperROBO-1

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