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BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Bouncing onto PS Vita on 7th August

Posted by Sammy Barker

PlayStation Minis port will be free-to-play

We’ve been badgering Ukrainian indie Beatshapers about its PlayStation Vita port of the awesome BreakQuest: Extra Evolution for some time, but finally the studio has managed to supply us with a date. The title – which crashed onto the PlayStation Minis platform last year – is set to batter some blocks on 7th August in Europe. We’re told that a North American release date is still forthcoming.

The enhanced re-release will be available as a free download, and will be powered by microtransactions. The initial download will come with 33 free balls, and from there you’ll be able to purchase additional spherical resources – spanning 100, 200, 500, and infinite – from the PlayStation Store. Prices will be low, we’re assured.

We’ll hopefully have more on BreakQuest: Extra Evolution over the coming days. In the meantime, feel free to check out the title’s brand new trailer below. Are you looking forward to smashing some sushi? Let us know in the comments section.

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MadchesterManc said:

So its pay structure is basically the same as it is on Smartphones? Im all for F2P when done right ie Star Trek Online, but Microtransactions like this end up being expensive in the long run. Still, I suppose it best looking at its initial release as more of a demo than a F2P game. Id be more interested in this game if I just had to pay a singular fee though as it deos look to be of some interest for gaming on the go.



Snorky said:

I watched the trailer.. liked it... then saw it was freemium... no longer interested. Congrats Beatshapers on losing out on a potential customer.



Aktion said:

@snorky: there is a difference between Freemium (which is Free+Premium) and Free to play (which is mainly micro-transactions and boosters).
Basically, the build is an advanced demo version with the trophies and leaderboards enabled.

Plus, indeed we have a unlock all game for people who like the game and want to spend the full price. Bascially, 133 balls (100 balls which is 1.99 + 33 free balls which comes with game) is enough to complete game

Alex / Beatshapers



maskjaq said:

@Aktion While I respect a developers decision to monetize their game any way they like. Wouldn't Freemium and Free to play options work better when there are hundreds of millions of users (mobile)? I would think a single premium price would be a lot more successful on Vita.
Also, I did buy the mini and was disappointed with how the game looked on the Vita so I'm very excited for the HD upgrade for this beautiful game.



Aktion said:

@maskjaq: We have a single premium price option comes with the game.
Couple year ago I was at London Game Conference, listening BigPoint CEO where he speak about free2play in terms of monetize of wider audience, not money sucking pay2win etc.
So I liked the idea - you need to make game available for everyone: to guys who can buy full price and for someone who unable to pay in full but would like to pay less and have some features. Thats why we have full unlock and bit size portions of ball packs, i think that fair.
Ours and our friends experience (Montezuma Blitz, Jetpack Joyride) helped me to adjust model so I hope it works

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