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BioShock Vita Still a Topic of Conversation Between Sony and 2K Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

Would you kindly give it a rest?

BioShock Vita, the game that was announced over two years ago but hasn’t even entered development yet, is still a topic of conversation between Sony and 2K Games. Asked about the project on Twitter over the weekend, series creator Ken Levine revealed that he “talked about the title” with the aforementioned firms recently, and that he’s “trying to find a match”.

Earlier in the year, Levine said that there needs to be a “deal in place” before the game can enter production, and added that the title’s future is in the hands of “business people”. Realistically, you should probably forget that this was ever announced. No one’s going to admit it, but, much like Taylor Swift and her latest celebrity beau, this is, like, never ever coming out.


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Squiggle55 said:

Honestly I say what's the point. I don't need AAA titles on my vita anymore. Their PS4 versions will be remote playable. The only thing a Vita specific version could do differently is touch screen and motion control gimmicks. And I suppose be played in a car, but that doesn't affect me.



get2sammyb said:

@Squiggle55 I always got the impression that Levine was planning a different type of game here. I think people expecting a first-person shooter would be disappointed with what eventually got made anyway.



rjejr said:

Maybe it will be a launch title on the Vita 2. Or PSP 3?

Do Sony fans blame the name "Vita" for the system not selling? "Oh, if only it were called PSP 3 it would crush the 3DS." I read a lot of that on NL w/ the WiiU, which I think is an ok name (U play on the Gamepad while others watch tv), the system just lacks, well, pretty much everything else.



Gamer83 said:

I don't think the name Vita is the issue. Advertising, pricing and lack of AAA franchises such as GTA and Bioshock are far bigger concerns. I'm glad Levine hasn't given up on this yet, I'd love to have a Bioshock on the go even if it isn't exactly like the home console games.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr I think the name is bottom of the list of problems for the Vita. The Wii U really is a bad name because the mainstream audience isn't really sure whether it's a new system or an add-on.



JavierYHL said:

sony should hurry up and get this will surely drive some sales for vita...



irken004 said:

There aren't any unreal-based vita games, are there? I wonder what engine they would use..



BlueProxy said:

Not sure how well it will sell on Vita. The PS3 version was decent, but I wouldn't buy a vita version. Thats just me though.



3Above said:

Nice Taylor Swift reference. I have to agree, I dont think Sony will be able to make a case for a Vita only Game given the current install baee and as @Siggle55 said, they might as well make it on PS4 and add in remote play, better chance of sales. In stead Sony should be focusing on making Gravity Rush 2!



Lionhart said:

First, to begin with I'm extremely tired of all the negativity and gloom and doom that some folks keep spewing regarding the PS Vita. The PS Vita has some really good titles coming down the pipes and it's a great system. I really like and enjoy my PS Vita and I'm looking forward to Killzone Mercenary. Apparently, people are conveniently forgetting that two majorly good home console PS Vita tiles are Assassin's Creed III Liberation and Street Fighter X Tekken.

I think that BioShock Infinite was a great title and I'd love to see a BioShock title on the PS Vita even if it is a Third Person Shooter. I am not preferred to First Person perspective games anyway although I do play them. I think that third person is the best but that is simply my opinion. I really enjoy TPS Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction, Uncharted 3, Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gears of War Judgement.



rastamadeus said:

Couldn't care less. 2K should be concentrating on getting Borderlands on the Vita instead.

(yes, I know it won't happen)



JaxonH said:

Well despite what everyone else is saying about this not mattering, and how PS4 streaming to Vita is enough for them, the hell with that. I didn't spend $300 on a Vita to STREAM games from another console that costs $400. I bought the Vita to play Vita games, NOT PS3 games, NOT PS4 games, NOT PSP/mobile/indie games... I bought a Vita for VITA games. This matters. You don't go announcing titles, getting people excited and stuff so they go buy the system, then can the game after you've milked every hardware sale you can. Granted, I'm not blaming Sony for this- it's out of their hands. Like the Wii U, the Vita's 3rd party support cannot be forced. HOWEVER, I do not see Sony making an effort whatsoever to support their own handheld. The 2013 lineup (or lack thereof, rather) is a disgrace. Even at E3, with all those games they talked about, how many GOOD 1st party exclusives did they bring to the table for Vita? I expect more from Sony. MUCH more. No, I'm not going to sell my Vita- I really do love the system, even if it is just for multiplats like Rayman Origins or Sonic Transformed. And it didn't stop me from pre ordering PS4, although I didn't think once of the connectivity being touted as the future of Vita. I'm so sick of hearing the "it's a PS4 companion device" cop out. That's not what I bought it for, that's not worth $300 by a long shot. I don't buy handhelds to play my console games, I buy them for their own separate exclusives. I bought a 3DS because it has a 1st party lineup as good as it gets, all of which are games not to be found on a home console. And that's exactly what I expect from the Vita. I do not make excuses for billion dollar corporations, especially when I spend thousands of dollars with them every year. Before Sony can ever expect 3rd parties to fully support Vita, they need to first support it themselves. (SORRY FOR THE RANT, I'M DONE NOW)



ObviouslyAdachi said:

How did this game get stuck in this sort of situation? This rarely happens to other big titles, as far as I know.



Savino said:

Let KZ:M be released and people will see what Vita can really do!

I see nothing but good things coming after KZ and Tearway...
Mark my words, 2014 Vita will outsell the 3DS in every single corner of this world! (except Japan and only the japaneses gods knows why)



Enobmah_Shards said:

Well this situation seems as farfetch'd than the eye could see. We will never see this game in the lineup for the Vita. I feel like games that are first party will never be able to help Vita sales in regards to Killzone or Tearaway.

Sony needs to figure out something at gamescom or its all over for this fledgling device.

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