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BioShock Infinite Picks a Fight in the Sky in Clash in the Clouds

Posted by Sammy Barker

Arena add-on out today

The combat sections may have been the weakest part of BioShock Infinite, but Clash in the Clouds hopes to keep you high on Irrational Games’ adventure until proper expansion Burial at Sea sinks to new depths later this year. The combat-focused content sees you taking on a wealth of foes from the main campaign in waves of increasingly challenging scenarios.

The add-on – which is due out today – will feature four new maps, and will see you earning cash as you pick off foes. You’ll be able to spend these finances between rounds in order to restock. This money will also allow you to purchase new items in The Columbian Archaeological Society, which serves as the hub-world for the mode, featuring concept art, character models, and more.

To keep you on your toes, the content will boast ‘Blue Ribbon’ challenges as well, which will essentially see you defeating waves in very specific ways. You may be forced to use particular weapons or plasmids, for example, in order to unlock the colourful medallions. Considering that it’s very easy to slip into attack habits in BioShock, these extra challenges may augment some nice variety.

If you haven’t already purchased the season pass, then the add-on will set you back £3.69/$4.99. That seems like a reasonable price for a stopgap – but it’s the Burial at Sea expansion that you’ll probably want to keep your Little Sister-esque yellow eyes on.


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RudysaurusRex said:

Like a CoD Zombies mode. First Sniper Elite, then this? Looks cool, but this kind of game is getting old.



irken004 said:

I got the season pass on my Steam version, so I'll play it on there.

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