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Avalanche Pulls the Trigger on Mad Max Footage

Posted by Sammy Barker

Soul of a man

Swedish outfit Avalanche Studios has put its foot down on the first in-engine footage of Mad Max. The title – which is set to shoot up the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 – will depict the eponymous hero’s plight, as he attempts to recover his lost vehicle, the Interceptor, from a barren desert wasteland.

Despite being dubbed a gameplay trailer, there’s only the slightest hint of actual in-game footage during the 90-second short. One sequence shows the star engaged in some Twisted Metal-style car combat, while another sees the lead character using a rope to infiltrate an enemy stronghold. Bit misleading that trailer description, then.

Still, we trust the developer to deliver a compelling open world experience. The title’s due out early next year, so the studio’s still got plenty of time left to show off the adventure's actual gameplay in the run-up to release. In the meantime, check out the footage below, and let us know if you’re excited in the comments section.

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ShogunRok said:

I'm very cautiously optimistic. Hopefully the vehicle combat holds up, as most games that attempt it as a secondary mechanic get it horribly wrong. RAGE is a good example.



RudysaurusRex said:

Looks pretty cool. But, it has the potential to have a very bland landscape, eg: Borderlands. I really liked the song that played in the background.



rjejr said:

I was so excited to see Max during the livecast - that was my halloween costume 1 year in college - but I dont see how the game can be good. Max is all about brooding inner turmoil, he isnt Drake or Croft or Cole, and Beyond Thunderdome really wasnt all that good. They might as well make a Casablanca videogame and let you play as Bogort. Ok, Max has cars and guns and violence so it makes a good game, but it wont be Mad Max or The Road Warrior - which is really what they're making. Itll be GTA Metal or Twisted GTA, but itll still probably be just another badly licensed game.



MadchesterManc said:

is that Ps3 or Ps4 footage? I cant quite tell. Will have to see more on the game but Im not convinced as of yet.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Since Just Cause looked as awesome as it did, I'm slightly underwhelmed by the graphics. But since I love the setting and JC2 was as awesome as it was, I'm going to give Avalanche the benefit of the doubt. I trust they're gonna deliver. Will watch this one closely...and continue to wait for JC3... ;)

Nonetheless, I think I will need new fodder for my PS4, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick up Mad Max. And inFamous, of course... :)

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