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Ace Combat: Infinity Swoops onto PlayStation 3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Teaser trailer exits the runway

Ace Combat: Infinity, the next entry in Namco Bandai’s popular air combat series, will take flight exclusively on the PlayStation 3, according to the teaser trailer embedded below. In addition to the sound of a giggling schoolgirl, the footage includes the quote: “That day our sky fell, the heavens split to create new skies." But what does it mean?

The trailer seems to hint at some kind of asteroid colliding with the Earth, but it’s pretty cryptic. Regardless, it’s interesting that the game appears to be exclusive to Sony’s system, as previous release Ace Combat: Assault Horizon was a multiformat affair. Could it be a free-to-play instalment like Tekken Revolution? We suppose that we’ll have to wait and see.

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ViciousDS said:

glad to see ace combat back to PS3 Exclusivity, I really hope though its just flying aircrafts and not being a gunner or heli like in the last one.

Namco needs to return to the roots of what made AC 4 & 5 so amazing.



charlesnarles said:

@ViciousDS dude, that shooting star intro is straight from Shattered Skies : D I wanna dance in the streets. Back to liiife, back to reality.. And this means Project Aces is healthy and at least thinking about their next work, prolly on PS4.
Somebody was listening to everyone cry about Assault Horizon being stinky : O
P.S. Vita?...??????????????????



Zetrayrus said:

Many people are guessing it is a crossover between AC Real World and AC Strangereal. I wouldn't know. But considering that it is not a numbered game I suppose it is highly possible.

Which means I probably shouldn't keep my hopes up to high yet. While Assault Horizon was not too bad. It pretty much just sat at the bottom of my AC Ranking list together with Joint Assault and Advance...

Okay I'll admit I actually hated it after the second or third playthrough when I realize just how railroaded and scripted Ace Combat has become. If all the future games are like this. I might start crying blood. T.T



LampShade said:

These games blow so they do Sony justice for.being exclusive or themselves as not may copies.of.this.will the shelves anyway

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