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You'll Be Able to Upload Your PS4 Videos Directly to YouTube

Posted by Sammy Barker

Broadcast yourself

Sony’s been a little cagey with regards to where you’ll actually be able to share your gameplay clips from the PlayStation 4, but system architect Mark Cerny virtually confirmed compatibility with YouTube on the Jimmy Fallon show earlier in the week. Explaining the console’s social features to the excitable host, the video game luminary noted that you’ll be able to publish your videos on “YouTube, Ustream, or Facebook [in] about three button presses”.

This is obviously huge news if you’re a budding Let’s Play-er, as it will allow you to share your videos without requiring any additional hardware purchases. It’s unclear how much editing you’ll actually be able to do, or whether you’ll be able to add voiceovers – but we’re sure that the social functionality will be upgraded throughout the console’s lifespan.

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WCamicase said:

This seems pretty cool, but I do think that my HDPVR will still do a better job along with Sony Vegas



get2sammyb said:

@WCamicase Yeah, you'll obviously be able to record longer and do more editing if you've got the proper equipment. This obviously for more casual people who just want to get some clips online!



mibtar said:

This is actually a pretty cool feature. There are a lot of funny moments when gaming that really deserves to be seen by others. Might not be a pretty big deal but it's great to have.



artemisthemp said:

Makes it easier to make a Walk through.

Hopefully ain't getting spam with COD video on my Facebook



irken004 said:

Imagine the let's plays of Outlast if they allow vocal narration too

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