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Video: New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Footage Emerges Online

Posted by Damien McFerran

The wait is becoming soul-destroying

Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has posted four new gameplay videos for the forthcoming action RPG Dark Souls 2.

The four videos — which appear to be based on the demo shown at E3 2013 — feature four different character classes: Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight, and Dual Swordsman. It's worth pointing out that like the original Dark Souls, these classes are user-determined, rather than options you can select. They were created for the demo in order to give a flavour of the different abilities in the final game.

As massive fans of the first game — and its precursor Demon's Souls — we personally can't wait to get our hands on this. What about you? Drop a comment to tell us what you think of this new footage.


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Sanquine said:

I just dont care about this game... after playing demon souls and dark souls im done with it... For me the only good point about this game is that its challeging ... But i have the feeling they give the enemies huge health and damage per hit



mibtar said:

I can still remember ornstein and smough. I almost broke my controller in half. Oh the frustrations! Anyway, happy as I am that I can play this on my PS3, I really think it would be much better on PS4's hardware. Faster load times, no blightown lag, 1080p, I could go on...

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