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Talking Point: Will You Still Buy the PS4 If It Treats Game Ownership Like the Xbox One?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Going through changes

For a company that’s made copious communication blunders over the course of the current generation, Sony’s handled the subject of used games in an unexpectedly cunning manner – primarily by shutting its mouth. While its closest competitor Microsoft has been hung, drawn, and quartered since the Xbox One’s unveiling, the PlayStation maker’s largely got away with its own silence relatively unscathed. But what if the unthinkable happens, and the PlayStation 4 ends up handling game ownership in much the same way as the Redmond-based manufacturer’s machine?

It’s important that we understand exactly what Sony’s said about its own DRM methods before we sentence the company to a crime that it hasn’t yet committed. After the firm’s PlayStation Meeting earlier in the year, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told a roundtable of journalists that any game registration requirements will be left up to publishers, and that the platform holder won’t obligate any for first-party games. The company also stated that the system will be playable offline, and that an always-online connection is something that it didn’t even consider.

So, how does this differ to the Xbox One? Well, Microsoft’s said that you will be able to take your console offline, as long as you connect it to the Internet once every 24 hours. Fail to do that, and you won’t be able to access any of your games. And this is where Sony’s clever wording comes in. Michael Denny told Official PlayStation Magazine that the “PS4 can still be enjoyed old school without an Internet connection at all”. But, technically, so can its counterpart – as long as you connect once a day. Could the Japanese giant’s impending system follow the same path? We simply don’t have enough information.

Ok, so what about used games? Again, Sony’s been incredibly vague in this area, too. As mentioned, the organisation’s said that you will be able to play pre-owned content on the console, and that it will be down to publishers to decide any game registration restrictions. This is much the same as Microsoft’s policy, although we have much more information on how the Xbox One will actually operate. For starters, you’ll only be able to sell your discs at “participating retailers”, meaning that trade-ins are likely to carry less value as a result. Furthermore, you’ll only have the option to share your games privately once, and you’ll need to do so with people who have existed on your friends list for more than 30 days.

That last point is the real knockout blow, as it completely changes the concept of game ownership as we currently understand it. On the PlayStation 3, for example, you’re able to sell your games on eBay, share them with friends, trade them with strangers, and pretty much do whatever you want with them. But on the Xbox One, that will absolutely not be the case unless you have a virtual association with the people that you want to pass your content onto, and even then you’ll only have the opportunity to do it once.

There are some "benefits" to Microsoft’s system, though. You can access your entire content library on any console, for example, but you’ll need to connect to the Internet every hour in order to prove that you’re the real deal. We’re not entirely sure how this differs from the current game ownership climate – you can play your existing discs and cartridges on any console, after all – but given the other draconian systems in place on the Xbox One, we suppose that we should probably appreciate this option, right? Elsewhere, up to ten family members will be able to access your entire “shared games library”, though you won’t be able to play the same titles at once.

Aside from being incredibly confusing – it’s taken us most of the day to wrap our head around all of this, and, to be honest, we’re still squinting at the terminology – the Xbox One sounds unbelievably restrictive, and we can only imagine the kind of backlash that it’s going to cause when unsuspecting consumers learn about these practices shortly after launch day. But is the PS4 actually going to be any better than Microsoft’s machine?

The problem is that we just don’t know until Sony clarifies its stance at E3. A recent movement on Twitter did prompt various executives to note that the company’s “listening”, but Microsoft mouthpiece Major Nelson said a similar thing not too long ago, and look how that turned out. As we pointed out in a recent article, it seems impossible to imagine that an organisation like EA or Ubisoft will restrict used games on one machine, and not on the other. However, divisive industry analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t foresee this being a problem, as he reckons that publishers will refrain from blocking pre-owned sales due to the fear of a “huge backlash”. Speaking with GameSpot, he said: “They wanted manufacturers to do the dirty work, and both refused.”

So, where does this leave us – apart from confused? Well, even if Pachter’s accurate in his assumption that publishers won’t crack down on used game sales, there are still plenty of lingering questions regarding the PS4. Will we be able to trade discs at all retailers, for example? Will we need to have a virtual association with the people that we share our games with? Will we need to login once a day before we can access our content? These are all topics that the platform holder’s cleverly dodged, and will be forced to address at E3. The even bigger quandary is: how will its answers affect your interest in the machine?

What’s your opinion of Microsoft’s stance on game ownership? Will you skip on the PS4 if it adopts similar practices? Let us know in the comments section below.

Will you still buy the PS4 if it includes DRM restrictions? (67 votes)

Yes, I'm not really bothered about this


Maybe, I'll need to think about it


No, I refuse to accept these practices


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ShogunRok said:

I remember the days when you bought a console, bought a game, inserted the game, and played the game. And that was it.

How did we end up here?!



Epic said:

If would need to think it.
The internet in this country sucks, so it would be a deal killer for people that lives under similar conditions.



mibtar said:

I just don't get what they're trying to do. I already paid 60 bucks for the game. It's now my property not theirs. I can do whatever the heck I want with it. If they still want to cash in on the game then they shouldn't have sold it. They should have just lend it to me for 10 bucks for 1 month, so they can they it back after a month and sell it to someone else. They (M$, hopefully not sony) seem to think we're a bunch of idiots who don't understand our rights as consumers.



get2sammyb said:

I think the thing that's most surprised me while attempting to research this is just how complicated Microsoft's policies are. I mean, it's really incredibly complex. If folks like us — who presumably live and breathe this industry — are struggling to understand it, I have no idea how they're going to communicate it to the Average Joe.

I suppose the cynical thing to say is that they're simply not, right? But people are going to be in for a huge shock...



Willy_cheese said:

Gaming is being killed fast! All i want is to go out and buy a console, go out and buy my games, come home, put a game in, sit back and enjoy. You know exactly what i've been doing since 1985! I don't want to fanny about with clouds and all that online nonsense! Why turn a concole into a PC, i already have a PC and a laptop. I want a gaming console to be exactly that, a gaming console.



hamispink said:

If it required online check-ins, then I won't be buying a PS4 anytime soon. I can keep playing on PC, and wait it out to see how the X1 and PS4 would fare.



Squiggle55 said:

People truly need to think long and hard about this. I don't care if you don't "mind" having to connect to the Internet, or if you usually buy your games new anyway, or if you never sell games or rent games or lend them to friends — you still need to think long and hard about this. It is absolutely wrong. This will change everything. These are big rights being taken away. This is a murky abyss that completely changed the future of the industry and the legacy for our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. I want them to be able to play my games if they want. Please just think about if that's what you want.

This is what I want Sony to do: Announce that an online connection is not required, thus publishers CANNOT block single player on their disks.



ViciousDS said:

@mibtar you might want to re-read the EULA on discs......its very warped and twisted to go against the consumer. In fact they can put as much limitations as they want on the product as to the fact that you possibly won't be able to play it after this generation phases out and the servers go down. We as the consumer got screwed when he hit the accept button on the terms and agreements.



Zombie_Barioth said:


Thats actually what bugs me about the whole thing. Even if Sony doesn't do it now Microsoft's success could prove these kind of practices to be a viable strategy in the future, and the last thing we want is for them to get the idea we're so weak willed that all it takes is a shiney new game to make us look the other way.

We're in a really stick situation here and its a tought call without knowing the whole story.



Jaz007 said:

I just can't believe whats happening to gaming. I just am not so sure I can get a PS4 is this happens. I know Mark Cerney is on our side, hopefully he'll pull through with someone influence. Another note about the article, did MS ever say that Xbox One won't require an internet connection, or did they just say it's not always online which is what they I think they said. Sony has stated PS4 won't require an internet connection and that they never considered it. A periodic connection check is a requirement, and saying they never considered it sure sounds to me like they closed the deal with having no internet requirements.



divinelite said:

No, i will definitely say good bye to all new generations and just Franicis-style (kotaku if you don't understand)

I'll just keep my 3ds and vita for handheld gaming until the end of game world as we know it



JGMR said:

Nope. I'm not planing to buy one, but I would refuse to assist destructive policies if I would.



mibtar said:

@ViciousDS actually i'm not sure if you can cry EULA. When you plug in a disc to play, there is no section that stops you and shows the EULA. It's not even in the manual that comes with it. I guess they hid it somewhere were the user cannot find it.



GraveLordXD said:

@get2sammyb no Sammy **** no! Neither should you are anyone who loves games this isn't the way the gaming industry needs to go I love Sony and Nintendo but if either go this route its game over for me I will simply hang up my controllers and retire from the gaming industry
Well really I'd just play old school games



GraveLordXD said:

They are basically raping you but not in a good way its not a beautiful woman just a fat guy with ( I'll just stop tape right about now)



GraveLordXD said:

@Jaz007 actually I seen this coming from a mile away, I hope sony doesn't do this and I see why Nintendo and EA aren't getting along now
I said this before but I rather the gaming industry crash and burn to death than go this route **** this!



Madd_Hatter401 said:

I will buy a PS4 but I won't be buying many games other than those I trust where as now I buy ALOT of games lol..I also trade those games in when done. Games like GTA Elder Scrolls are games ill buy without a doubt but games with shorter stories (10-25 hrs) I will have nothing to do with seeing I can't get value back after completing. Sports games are always a pretty good buy but unless 2k is able to make an NFL game I will opt out of buying a football game for I will be banning the evil empire (EA) until they learn to appreciate those who made them the powerful game devs they are.



GraveLordXD said:

Man I have a bad feeling Sony is going this route
I hope I'm wrong someone please tell me I'm wrong



AceSpadeS said:

I would, but I would buy very few games for it. I'd limit myself to the must-have, long term investment, exclusive games of the Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, or such nature, and digital indie games that weren't on the PC. Even then, my spending would be limited to those few titles I can play for years and still enjoy. The Smash Bros, or, fingers crossed, Destiny class games. Anything else I would purchase on PC if possible or do without if not. Even though my PC purchase may be fully locked to me, it's usually going to cost less and I don't feel I'm supporting anti-consumerism.



irken004 said:

The average joe who buys an Xbox One or PS4 for their kid probably won't know or care about the DRM until the recipient starts complaining. They can still sell some systems this way. But for us who know about it (and if it's legit on PS4), GRAB YA TORCHES AN' PITCH FORKS!!



iamneo said:

here is my message to microsoft and sony alike. i have played games for close to 40 years. spent numerous thousands supporting these morons. sometimes when i didnt really have it to spend. thats how much i love it, but the road they are going down will only hurt them in the long run. i have been in customer service for over 20 years. they are biting the proverbial hand that feeds their sorry asses. it would be like me telling my loyal customers to **** off when they asked me for help. they had better remember that too. the ****** off masses can remind them of the power they possess if the don"t watch the contempt they show them for their unwavering support. this could also have hackers drooling at the chance to show microsoft and sony that the old rule applies, that control is an illusion. sometimes adopted by the delusional. lets pray they will see the light and do whats right.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

I agree with most of the people here when they say that the route these companies are going is killing the industry. However, I'm still planning on buying a PS4... As long as my favorite titles like Fallout and Killzone continue to be made I'll have to play them. But I honestly don't see myself spending near as much money as I have in the past. And it saddens me that I won't be able to buy games on eBay because that's where I do alot of my shopping. Hopefully Sony will steer clear of this, but I don't see that happening if they put it in the hands of the developers. The developers are trying to get everything they can.



odd69 said:

I agree as well I hope sony goes a different route, for sure.



neumaus said:

Even if it has those odd restrictions, I think I'd still end up buying one.
It'd mean either dealing with crazy restrictions, or missing out on awesome EXCLUSIVES (y'know, for people who say go PC, not that I have anything against PC gaming).
However, I'm really not fond of needing to connect once every 24 hours, because I sometimes go months without touching my PS3. I imagine it'd be a similar story with the PS4 (or am I misunderstanding?), and if these restrictions were being implemented with the PS4 then it'd significantly delay the time I'd get one (instead of 5/6 months after launch, maybe a year or two. Until it drops in price, basically).



Ginkgo said:

My big issue with this, is concept of game ownership. In effect, you no longer "own" the game. They are retaining ownership, because they greatly restricting what you can do with it once "purchased". Without being silly, I really wonder about the legality of what they are doing in certain countries, as it is restricting trade.

There are second hand book stores, you can rent DVDs and blu-rays from a store. You can sell DVDs etc on ebay. Why not a video game? I find the whole concept repugnant.

I will tell you this. If Sony comes out at E3 and says they are NOT enforcing DRM, then this will have a huge negative impact on MS.

Would this stop me from buying a PS4. Hmm. Probably no, because I buy virtually all new games anyway, but it would delay it. I would expect to sell my PS3 and games collection. With the PS4 they would be saying that I can't sell on my games. I would not be in a rush to lock myself in.

MS is currently suffering under Sony's previous hubris from the PS3 launch, and if they are not careful it will bite them very hard. I know Sony has learnt its lessons, I hope it is smart enough to apply it here. There will be some big developers (yes I'm looking at you EA) who will pressure them, but they need Sony too.

Realistically most money earned from re-selling games, is then used to buy new games, so I am not convinced they this would generate the revenues they are expecting. People still have the same budget to spend. Developers will just end up selling less games in the first place.

I have ranted enough...



belmont said:

This "always online" thing seems stupid to me. If my provider faces some issues or if my router or cabling fails why can't I play my games till these issues are resolved? Also what if I want to game on a house that has no internet connection? Also not anyone has 3G connections to use.

I rarely buy used games or sell my own but I understand the importance of them.

Anyway I still think that Xbox1 will sell a lot but since PS4 will not use the "always online" thing I will get one sometime, am not sure when though.



artemisthemp said:

@ShogunRok Microsoft AKA Apple of Console world enter the Console world.

I would not buy a PS4 then.
One of my friends would most likely do and I would then be able to play Infamous Second Son on his System with my Account.



The3DSisMINE said:

If PS4 did that - all hope is gone in the console wars. WiiU will probably win in the long run and PC will gain more followers than ever before



tabris95 said:

I think the best thing for all of us to do as gamers is go out and buy a WiiU and ignore the other consoles. Seriously if the WiiU starts selling like hot cakes after Microsoft and Sony announce their DRM policies I think the gaming industry would get the point.



rastamadeus said:

I won't be getting one for at least eighteen months anyway. Hopefully in that time everyone will have bought a Wii U (I have long thought what tabris95 said is what will come true)and the third party publishers (who are the ones pushing for this) will have taken a massive hit and have to change their policies meaning Xbox One and PS4 will have had this stupid thing removed in a system update and I can get a PS4 in peace. Sadly the amount of people who are "outraged" by this will buy one of the two consoles anyway and nothing will get done. If the Wii U sales sky rocket (less than £180 currently) then Sony and Microsoft will have to remove it whether the likes of Activision and EA like it or not.get PS+ on your PS3 and buy a Wii U until its sorted. Simple.



Gemuarto said:

I will buy PS4 for PS plus, if it will be good enough and let me play games I want to play for reasonable price. But I will never buy retail games with such limitations.

Also, one account per one Vita is pain in the ***. I hate Sony for that. It is so moronic, i can't describe by words how I feel about that =)))

Also I think that Sony and MS must let people to sell digital games. To make on-line market for this on PSN.



Gamer83 said:

The worst thing that hapened to this industry was MS joining it and then on the second try finding success with 360 and every day I learn more about the terrible direction this industry is headed I get pissed at myself for having supported the Sh*tbox brand. MS needs to go away and please f'ing take EA along with it.



FullbringIchigo said:

if the system works like the online pass system does now then i wont be to bothered by it, but if it has thing like MS are doing (24 hour check in's no used game sales unless they say so) then i won't be getting a PS4 or a xbox one, i'll just stick with my Wii U because it actually lets me put in any game i want and play it with no restrictions what so ever



InsertNameHere said:

A lot of this used game DRM speculation seems to be coming from EA's relationship with Sony and MS. Everyone assumes that that's the reason why EA attacked the Wii U, but it turns out that they will be supporting the Wii U after all.

Does EA's sudden attitude change mean that the Wii U will block used games? No. I feel like people are just assuming that Sony will go the same route as MS, and blowing things out of proportion. Of course, we'll find out what they have planned at E3.



get2sammyb said:

@TheRealBatman The good thing about it being left down to publishers is that consumers can choose to boycott their games if they do opt to implement these practices, without any real loss on the manufacturers. If a company like EA does block used games, then they'll be forced to reconsider if their sales take a nosedive.

I think this is a better solution than the boxes outright blocking used game sales at a system level.



InsertNameHere said:

@get2sammyb The funny thing is that even after having said that it'll be up to the publisher, people are still up-in-arms about the PS4 blocking certain used games. Sony is trying to please everyone, and so far it isn't working very well.



Zup said:

If Sony chooses to follow Microsoft in this area, then this generation will be dominated by PC and Nintendo. I own a Wii U and I can do whatever I want with my games and I don't want to see that change. However, I think that after seeing MS's fan complaints, Sony may reconsider anything they had planned along these lines. While I never really planned to get a PS4, I have great respect for Sony's consoles and would like to see them keep moving in the right direction.



Gamer83 said:


If Sony reconsiders it will lose support as quickly as Wii U has, the problem for Sony is no matter how good its first party franchises are they don't move consoles. Nintendo can survive on Mario and Smash Bros. so losing third party support, while bad, isn't going to make or break the Wii U. I'd like to see Sony do the right thing but the higher ups probably don't think it's worth risking third party suport and that's probably the right call because once consumers see things like Halo 5, the next-gen Madden, CoD, etc, they'll forget they were ever angry. Until the first day they realize they can't play their new game because they forgot to do a 'check-in' but by then it's too late, the garbage product has already been bought.



rjejr said:

  • "there are still plenty of lingering questions regarding the PS4."

One major question for me is renting on the PS4. MS said flat out "no renting on the X1". If Sony follows suit Gamefly is probably out of business, and Redbox will be filled w/ only P3, Xbox360 and WiiU games until they stop renting games entirely.

For all those decrying MS decision for online check-ins. MS knows it's client base. It can't sell Gold memberships to people who aren't always online. It can't sell ads to other companies for consoles that aren't online. It can't sell DLC to people who aren't online. It can't sell full retial DL games at $59.99 even though there are no manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and middle-man costs, to people who aren't always online.

Summary - if you don't have broadband, MS DOESN'T WANT YOU AS A CUSTOMER. Anybody here work in real estate and know what "red-lining" means? Broadband is MS red-line.

And to take this one step further into the future - there is very little difference between what MS is proposing now and what will happen next gen in 7 years when everything is DL only and there is no such thing as game ownership, only licensing. When's the last time somebody "bought" a game to play on their iPad?

For the record, I personally think what MS is doing is wrong for their customers, but MS is rarely accused of doing something right.



GraveLordXD said:

@rjejr well Microsoft came out and said that it's now up to the publisher to charge a fee for used games so not every game will be blocked well who knows really
I have a feeling that ps4 will do the same I sure hope not, I rarely buy my games used anyway it's just the point of it all and how far they could take this if they wanted who's to say further down the line that the game I bought new will charge me a fee to renew my license agreement
And just think years from now all xbox1's will be bricks when they decide to stop supporting it but my nes still works after all these years good as new



Ristar42 said:

No, I would not buy a console or game with these restrictive DRM issues. If PS4 is the same as Xbox, then its the point at which I stop buying video games consoles, and I'd started with the Atari 2600...



Squiggle55 said:

@get2sammyb I agree completely. Leaving it up to the publishers is a LOT better than blocking used games at a system level and enforcing all of the ridiculous Apple-like-ITunes-Digital policies on a physical disc. If Sony doesn't do anything stupid and anti-consumer like this on a system-level, doesn't build anything into the infrastructure of the system for EA's DRM, and they don't restrict their first party games in any way, then I will probably still buy a PS4 and boycott the publishers who do use DRM.



CanisWolfred said:

Not even Final Fantasy, Tales of, Persona, and Kingdom Hearts could convince me to buy the accursed thing if that were to happen.



Fonzar74 said:

What is wrong with these companies you pay the money for the game you should be able to trade sell or do what you want with that game the publishers got there money the first time round it's all down to pure greed I've already decided I'm not going to buy an Xbox one and if Sony do the same then I'll be going straight out and buying a new Pc job done )



Jaz007 said:

@LDXD But you will only be able trade your game in at "participating retailers". You won't be able to buy a used game off E-bay. They are enforcing restrictions with everybody.



charlesnarles said:

You accept any contract or situation by buying the product or taking the action. Legally, you agree tacitly as soon as you buy the system AND explicitly by signing EULA when making a psn account etc.. Nobody forced you twice, so just don't buy anything if it isn't up to your standards. There's also a myriad of 3rd party consoles coming out btw, so sheesh. I'm buying a PS4 but im also keeping my Vita, PC, ds, tv, and gf within reach. it'll be okay, you guys! Have faith in Sony's ability to spy on us and give us what we don't even know we want



hYdeks said:

I like Sony, but don't pull a Microsoft I don't want a PS4 at first, but I wouldn't even consider buying one later if they add DRM. I love playing catch-up with older games, and I don't feel like forking out more money to them to do so.



DVD_Sandwich said:

I will be first in line to get a PS4, but only if it means I will own what I spend my hard earned money on.



JGMR said:

37% would think about it? Shocking. Since when is a brand more important than ethics?



GraveLordXD said:

@Jaz007 yeah I don't buy used anyway and hardly ever trade in my games I just don't like the way this is all going
I hate drm with a passion
I can see 20 years from now we're gonna have to buy time by the minute to play our games



Knux said:

Sony knows better not to do this. They saw how much of a backlash Microsoft has received as a result of going down this direction. So if Sony does this, it will make them look even worse than Microsoft because they know the consequences of going down this route and yet they do it anyway.

As long as Sony makes the PS4 free of all this DRM BS that the Xbox One is going to have, then I will be more than glad to buy a PS4. But if they don't do so, then I won't buy a PS4. I plan on getting a gaming PC later on this year either way, and it will be my primary way of gaming (along with current-gen consoles, Wii U, 3DS, and the Vita) if Sony decides to stab us consumers in the back.

And it's not so much about the fact that all of this DRM BS will effect me personally, but I can't just accept paying money for something that I don't really own. What's the point of retail if the games are essentially glorified installation discs?

I will say that whatever Sony does will impact the gaming industry in some way forever. They will make history, it's just whether it will be positive or negative history is what remains to be seen. I hope it's the former.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Considering we hardly know anything about the supposed DRM to go on, perhaps many of those votes are from people waiting for more info before coming to a conclusion. Unfortunately there are people who will buy either console regardless of the DRM attched as soon the right game comes along.

I'd hate to miss out on the latest installments of my favorite Sony-exclusive series but I'd be just fine without em. Theres still plenty of games out there, with or without Sony and Microsoft.



Giygas_95 said:

I'll get a PS4 on two conditions.

1: No DRM restrictions like Xbox One will have
2: Just Cause 3 (or Ghost Recon Future Soldier 2)

I really don't understand some of the choices they've made with Xbox One. I read that you'll even have to sign in once every 24 hours in order to play your games. I say if you bought the game it's your choice to keep it, sell it, or gift it. Here's a good article that I found interesting.

I think Sony is a lot smarter than to make the same mistake Microsoft is making.



Squiggle55 said:

Gamer83 said:
"The worst thing that hapened to this industry was MS joining it and then on the second try finding success with 360 and every day I learn more about the terrible direction this industry is headed I get pissed at myself for having supported the Sh*tbox brand. MS needs to go away and please f'ing take EA along with it."

Truly well said. Of course competition is good, though. Microsoft making horrible decisions like this should theoretically encourage Sony to make smarter decisions to win the customer's purchase.



ObviouslyAdachi said:


Well I think that if used games do have to be paid for again then people will only buy used games worth getting. This would probably put a huge sales gap between blockbusters and average games(not that the average would fail, they just wouldn't do AS well). This would intern drive developers to put more work into games. This could work out for us in the long run, so I don't think it matters either way.



BlueProxy said:

Sony is a global sensitive company though, so they know internet is not so accessible in many places. Can't see them cutting of millions of potential gamers. Besides, their goals seem to be different than MS.

I buy roughly 50% pre-owned games, 40% big discount (but new), and 10% latest titles/full price. So def keeping the PS3, and will have to determine what the consequences would mean for how I buy and play with the PS4. Won't know until I hear all the details.



ReyLuca said:

The Irony is that the Wii U is beginning to sound somewhat better. So for now keep gaming on my Ps3 & X360 and purchase retro-console and go off on a Retro-trip.



AD-80 said:

@JayArr I agree if Sony goes the same direction I'm writing off everything, but PC and Steam. They are being way more outrageous with this stuff than necessary if things turn south.



AD-80 said:

@mibtar Right?!? That $60 gives you ownership of that disc, period. Play it wherever, play it whenever, you just can't make multiple copies off it and sell those.



Aj_Dono said:

i'm just fed up at the thought of essentially renting a game long term rather than owning it. i hope sony has woken the f%*k up and ain't gonna ram the rest of m$'s crazyass ideas right up our jaxies. i'm not touching my toes for any console giant.if all is tip top after E3, sony all the way. defo

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